How To Plan Retail Store Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling your store, you have to follow the retail remodel best practices. Below are a few tips that will help you create a perfect plan for store remodeling.

Establish the Floor Plan

The floor of the retail model is the most important thing. It is the floor that interacts the most with the shoppers and buyers. Various options are used for retail floor plans. Some include grid pattern, free-flow, loop design and angular. It is up to the store owners that which of these options they choose. It also depends on the overall store plan.

Set the Customer Journey

Do you know how things should be arranged for the customers? The rule says that the most valuable stuff should be presented at the front. Next is to consider the customer movement. About 90% of customers move to their right unconsciously so you also have to take this factor into account. Aisles should be placed at the end where customers do not want to enter.

Rebuild the Displays

Retail store contractors recommend to display the high-priced products at eye-level. It also should be noted that aisles should not be narrow otherwise customers will ignore them. Science shows that humans are attracted to rounded shapes so you should also consider this sort of displays at your store when remodeling it.

Build and Experience

Customer experience is very important when you are remodeling the store. 60% customers shop products based on the colors. For this purpose, add cool colors in the background. Display products then accordingly. Furthermore, lighting style influences sales and boost purchasing by up to 12%. Various types and colors of lights are used for retail stores.

Engage the Senses

As you remodel the store, you cannot ignore senses. That simply means, adding music options in the remodel design. Then come the demos and samples depending upon your products. These items increase sales and help improve customer experience. The store remodeling should appeal the customers instead of repelling them.

Special Attention for Entrance

Entrance of your store plays a significant role. Although entrance is important in house or condo renovation too, but in retail remodeling, its importance is tenfold. It can make or break your business. So it should never be neglected. While you remodel the store, pay great attention to the entrance. It should be attractive. Colors should be selected with great care. Exterior must attract buyers. The overall feel of the entrance should exhibit your business and the brand.

Create the Path for Shoppers

It has been noticed that many stores ignore customers. They do not design any path that buyers can follow for shopping. You have to be serious about it. Create a path that allows customers to shop with ease and convenience. This will also remove any crowd issues, expedite shopping experience, reduce burden on the store staff and keep customers happy by taking less time.

Try to Remove the Walls

Walls are usually a part of some stores. While others are in favor of open-area and create portions. It is up to the owners. If you have a big store with a variety of products, walls can be fine. But if the store has the same niche, products- you should not add walls. Let it be open and the customers will feel attracted to the store without walls.

Keep it Flexible

The remodeling plan for your store should be flexible, not rigid. It simply means it should allow for extension and addition or removal of sections and walls. You may have to change the arrangement of the store. So in such cases, flexible designs come in handy. This will also take less time.

What To Do During Remodel?

An effective marketing approach is to keep your store open during the remodel. It will do two things. One is that your store will be open and people would be able to buy stuff regardless of the ongoing remodeling. That means your store will keep generating revenue during the remodel.

The second thing is that if your store is open, people would be able to witness the remodel happening, which would make them believe that the store is updating and want to serve the best for its customers. This will make loyal customers.

Also, during remodel, use the services of reliable retail store contractors DC to ensure excellent end result.

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