Why should you get rid of overgrown trees near your property?

Trees around your property may be a good thing, as they serve the purpose of a windbreaker and also provide shade. Furthermore, trees enhance the beauty of a property. Ultimately, all of these factors may also increase the value of a property. However, over-grown trees near your property can be a hazard. There are many different reasons why you should get rid of them right away by contacting tree services.

Why should you remove overgrown trees near your property or house?

Well, there are endless reasons why you should not allow overgrown trees to thrive near your house or property. Mostly, this is because trees can be a very big hazard.

Nevertheless, the major reasons include the following:

Hazard of falling

When trees become old and are overgrown, their lengthy branches are usually not able to handle their weight. There comes a time when the branches ultimately break off and fall. If not, a weak branch would easily get blown away due to the lightest storm. This could result in a lot of injuries especially if the heavy tree branch falls on a house roof or someone on the street. Furthermore, it may also disrupt the electrical lines which could break a fire (again a big hazard).

Apart from hazard to life, it may also cause a big amount of damage to your property (in case the branch falls on your house, car, or fences).

Branches may find a way to your windows

Often at times, overgrown branches find their way through the windows of your house. As a result of this, you may find insects and leaves inside your house whenever the wind blows. While having some tree branches right outside your window could help (as they provide shade and break the wind), it is actually a hazard when they grow inside your house. Furthermore, in case they find a way to the roof, your gutters will end up getting clogged. Also, it may flow water into your basement, walls, and roof.

Rodents may invade your house

In case tree branches are close to your windows, rodents may start invading your house by walking through the tree branches. Furthermore, you may also find other insect infestations in your house which includes mites, and wasps (YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE).

Your house structure may damage

Large root systems are a big source of damage to the house’s foundation. Ultimately, this affects the entire structure of the house. In case your house has a lot of cracks in it, trees may grow into these cracks. This will result in problems with leached water, and a foundation uplift. Furthermore, the trees may also penetrate into the sewage pipes and water (something that will need a lot of repairing).

Damage to the roof

Overgrown trees will constantly rub against your roof, resulting in fast damage. Due to wind or storm, your roof paint may start wearing off (giving it a rugged feel).

Poor air circulation

While wind-breaking may be a big advantage (it is not always in your favour). By constant blockage of the wind, your house may have very poor air circulation. As a result of this, the environment inside your house will become very musty.

Ending note

In order to prevent all of these problems, it is very important to contact tree removal companies MD just in time. By removing trees in time, you may save yourself a lot of damage costs. Furthermore, it also takes away a big life hazard for you and those around you. Ultimately, it may also keep your house in great shape, allowing you to maintain its worth.

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