Pros And Cons Of DIY Estate Planning

End-of-life arrangements are inevitable no matter what and this is where estate planning can help you out a lot. But estate planning can be easier than just setting a meeting with a lawyer and getting things done. There is also DIY estate planning and if you don’t know whether you should plan the estate yourself or hire an estate planning attorney PG County, then here are the pros and cons of DIY estate planning to make the decision simpler for you.

Pros Of DIY Estate Planning

It Is Easy

DIY estate planning is essentially everything that happens in a regular estate planning process, but there’s no lawyer and everything is done online on legal software. Every court in your jurisdiction may have a DIY estate planning software/app and you can use it to do everything that a lawyer normally does.

You can easy to get your hands on the software and you can download it on your computer and go to town with estate planning. It works especially well for people who don’t have the time for those lawyer meetings, so they can get things done in the comfort of their own homes and on their own time.

It is probably the easiest way to get done with estate planning and it’s used by a lot of people who prefer to get done with this process quickly. All you need for this is a computer with a good internet connection and you’re good to go.

It Is Not As Expensive

This one is a clear pro in the books of a lot of people. DIY estate planning is inexpensive. All you need to pay for is the fees of the software and that’s pretty much it. With any traditional legal proceeding, like estate planning, you have a lawyer to help you out, which is great and all, but the fee isn’t as pleasing.

Whatever you do, you need to pay the lawyer the designated fees, and if you’re someone who’s financially struggling, then this will be hard for you. So, a DIY estate plan sounds right up people’s alley, most of the time.

When you get access to the software, that’s the only time that you have to pay a small fee for using said software and that’s pretty minimal, depending on the state you’re in and that’s pretty much it. It’s a great option if you don’t want to bust out your savings on an estate planning attorney because it can be a lot.

It Wraps Up Fast

If you know what you’re doing, then there’s nothing faster than a DIY estate planning process. It’s easy and everything is at your fingertips, so all you need to do is type away the required information and that’s it. No traveling, no long meetings, no trying to hunt down the perfect lawyer for your case, no nothing. It’s very simple and it gets done quickly.

So, if you know your way around estate planning software or you fully understand how it’s done, then it’s worth a shot because you’ll be getting done with a huge task in no time. Traditional estate planning processes can take up a lot of your time and money, so something like a DIY estate plan, that’s super easy and quick, will be a breath of fresh air.

Cons Of DIY Estate Planning

You Don’t Know Everything

Even though DIY estate planning sounds easy and it’s just software that needs a bit of work, it’s not going to be as thorough as traditional estate planning. Since you don’t have a lawyer to walk you through the process, there is going to be a lot of research involved because you don’t know everything unless you’re a lawyer yourself and you have done something like this before.

Other than that, there’s not a lot that you can gather from DIY estate planning, and that can be pretty scary, especially if you’re just starting with everything related to estate planning. This is why it’s much better to go down the traditional route because you are well-informed and navigated through each step of the process.

There’s No Help

In a DIY estate plan, you’re pretty much on your own, hence the name. There are a lot of things that you might not have even heard of before and now you have to make all of the decisions by yourself, not knowing whether they’re going to be good or bad. This can be pretty scary, especially if you’re someone who’s doing this for the first time, which most of us are in the first place, so it’s always better to hire a wills and trust attorney Largo to help you out in this regard.

A DIY estate planning process may sound easy, but it’s anything but, and you need to know everything about it, from the front to the back, if you’re going to commit to this process. Everything that’s DIY isn’t usually going to be a cakewalk.

It Doesn’t Update With State Laws

One thing that is a huge letdown of the DIY estate planning process is the fact that it takes eons to get up-to-date with the ever-changing state laws. This can be a huge deal because estate laws are also changing all the time and the software isn’t updated within record time, so that can put your case in jeopardy.

So, it’s really hard to get the most bang for your buck, if the software that’s used to plan an estate isn’t in coordination with the changing laws of the state. This is frustrating and one of the major reasons why it isn’t opted for or recommended by people because it’s just not as versatile and your case can take a turn for the worse.

It’s Not Beneficial In The Long Run

Technology is a foe too and DIY estate planning is no exception. Even though it’s easy and there’s not a lot of problems involved, one of the biggest risks with this estate planning process is the mistakes that can cost you everything.

Even if there is a slight error in the legal documents or the information you’re feeding into the software, detrimental effects can rear their heads. What is the effect of this issue? Well, you and your family will have to fight to the death in legal battles to rectify a simple human error. There is not a lot of room for mistakes in this process, so choose wisely.

Mistakes Are The Norm

Mistakes can happen. You can accidentally feed in the wrong information and that can turn into a snowball effect of accidents and legal disasters. There are little to no options available to rectify your mistakes and sometimes, the software can have a glitch too, so all of your hard work can go down the drain within no time and that’s not what you want.

This is highly frustrating because the DIY concept is pretty much a winner, it still needs a lot of work to be perfect long-term.


DIY estate planning may sound like a piece of cake, but in cases where legalities are concerned, it’s better to not wing it and have professional help at all times. In this case, the advice of an estate planning lawyer Upper Marlboro can save you from many troubles.

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