What Is Crane Truck? What Are The Uses Of Crane Truck

Crane trucks have a wide and increasing use in a number of industries. Here we will guide our readers about rent crane trucks, mobile crane rentals, how to choose a crane truck and where they are used.

What is a Crane Truck?

There is no particular definition of crane trucks. These are heavy vehicles carrying cranes and are very efficient when it comes to move heavy equipment, machinery, vehicles and other items. These trucks are widely used in construction industry, manufacturing sectors, mills, factories, industries, and for transportation of heavy tools. There are different types of crane trucks that are listed below.

There was a time when cranes were not invented and life was really hard. Construction industry faced the most problems. Other sector was manufacturing. It was not possible to move or replace heavy tools and machinery. The cranes made it easy. Now even the hardest works can be done within minutes. We will also talk about the uses of crane trucks in next sections.

Types of Crane Trucks

Here are some major and commonly used types of crane trucks. This guide will also help you rent crane truck and get mobile crane rentals for your work and needs.

  1. Tower Cranes

The tower cranes are mostly used in construction sector. They are fixed in the ground and contain a long tower that makes work on heights easy and possible for the workers. From moving items to carrying material, this crane has a great use. They are considered safe and fixed near the walls. However, safety rules are followed to avoid any accident and injuries.

  1. Mounted Crane

This type of crane is usually placed on vehicles and moved to the location where help is required. For example, during construction works other cranes cannot be used due to limited space. So the vehicle crane or mounted crane is used. They can move and make work very easy and comfortable.

  1. Rough Terrain Crane

The rough terrain crane is also a sort of mounted train. It has a vehicle that moves and adjusts to the location. Even the long rod moves and can be placed anywhere. These are mostly used along roads and for works on height. They are mostly used in construction as well as manufacturing industries.

  1. Spider Train

This is one of the best types of cranes. The spider trains were introduced in the recent years. The industries felt a need of a small and spider crane that can make work easy in limited space. In construction works, the workers sometimes need help to access windows or other locations and other cranes are hard to use there. So spider crane takes up less space but make work much easy. Many mobile crane rentals recommend spider crane.

Uses of Crane Truck

Here are some uses of crane trucks as suggested by rent crane truck companies.

  1. Construction Industry

This sector is all about building tall and heavy structures. There are many work areas where the labor needs crane trucks as well as mounted cranes to reach a certain height. They are used to install roofs and carry other materials to heights and top of the buildings.

  1. Manufacturing Sector

In almost all factories and mills, the cranes are used. The workers inside the rooms can’t move heavy tools like vehicles, their parts, bikes and other machinery. So these cranes are used. They do efficient work in a short time and help people in a number of manners.

  1. Oil Industry

Oil industry is all about digging wells and using heavy machinery. The work is dangerous so workers use cranes for tools and moving equipment. They use cranes that can be operated from a certain distance. The use of cranes in oil industry is increasing day by day.

  1. Power Sector

In power sector, the transmission lines are used and they are really dangerous. People don’t like to climb towers to fix the problems. So mounted cranes are used to fix the issues immediately. Apart from power sector, they are used in almost all heavy works like fire rescue operations, fixing large billboard signs, in repair and maintenance at heights and for hanging lights.

Benefits of Crane Truck

  1. They save a lot of time
  2. Easy to use and efficient work delivery
  3. Lower cost as compared to labor
  4. No risk of accidents and injuries
  5. Very safe for work on heights
  6. Make transport of material easy
  7. Better site accessibility

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