Commercial Deep Fryer Problems And Repairs

Deep fryers are common these days. There use has increased on commercial level. So they can have some issues. In such cases, the owners should call deep fryer repair services. If they want to solve the issues on their own, below is the complete guide for them.

Repairing Commercial Fryers

Like every other appliance, the deep fryer also need maintenance. Sometimes, they have serious issues while in many cases, the problems need little tweaking. In order to understand the issues with deep fryers, users should learn about the various parts used in a fryer. Below are the four important components of a fryer which are often responsible for any possible issues.

Components of a Deep Fryer

  • Hi-Limit
  • Thermopile
  • Combination Safety Gas Valve
  • Thermostat

Determining the Real Issue

The issues with deep fryer can only be solved when we find out the real problem. Commercial appliances repair services have professional technicians who can find out the issues very quickly whether it’s commercial deep fryer or ice maker. But owners will not be able to do the same. So they should first find out the possible issue. Below are four cases that will help you find out a possible issue with the deep fryers.


Hi-limit can have a problem and this is a reason why your fryer is not working. It is easy to figure out if the hi-limit has some issues. Cut the one wire off and connect it with the other one. If the pilot remains lit, there is an issue with the hi-limit and it needs to be replaced. For replacement, you should get further help of a deep fryer repair service.


In some cases, thermopile can be the reason why your fryer is not working. You should do the same steps as you carried out in hi-limit. If the thermopile does not lit, it should be replaced. Take it off from both sides, replace with the new one and test before you use it.

Combination Safety Gas Valve

In case you have replaced the thermopile and the pilot is not lit as yet, there is probably some issue with the combination gas safety valve. You should replace it. However, it is the hardest part of the job. You should better call an appliance repairer.


Thermostat is an integral and the most important part of the deep fryers. If everything is fine, pilot is lit but the fryer is not working, you have got some problem with the thermostat. Experts recommend to change or replace it so that you can bring the fryer in its working condition.

Signs Your Deep Fryer Needs Repairing

There can be any possible issue with your fryer. We understand how important a commercial fryer is for a business. It is used on the daily basis so when the fryer is out of order, it affects the business. Your restaurant or business may face decline in the sales. That is why you should repair the deep fryer on urgent basis.

When it comes to the signs when a deep fryer needs to be repaired, you can various symptoms.

  • The fryer may not be working without any reasons.
  • It may have some issues with the hi-limit.
  • The thermopile may need to be replaced.
  • Combination safety gas valve can be faulty.
  • And you may have to replace the thermostat of your fryer.
  • Repairing Common Issues in Deep Fryers
  • Below are the most common deep fryer issues and how to repair them.

Faulty Burner

Faulty burner is a very common issue with the fryers. It makes the fryer create flames. In such cases, you should check the burner orifices. They will be clogged for sure. Take a wire and remove the clog to bring the dryer to the normal working condition.

Incorrect Temperature

In many cases, the temperature of the fryer is incorrect. For this, you can use the thermostat to check. If it does not match with the one you had set, you have the issue with the thermostat. You should replace it on the urgent basis.

Extinguished Pilot Light

The pilot of your fryer may not stay lit. It often happens according to commercial appliances repair Alexandria services. The reason of this issue is the broken thermopile. So you should replace the thermopile to solve this issue.

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