Some timeless tips to strengthen your hair

There is a kind of good breakage that involves tax breaks and coffee breaks. Then come the bad breaks such as heartbreaks. However, hair breakage should not be something that you should experience. Especially not, when there are plenty of solutions and treatments that you can use. Usually, women experience hair breakage after prolong usage of iron rod for hair straightening. In this regard, your best shot is to get your hair straightened for the long-term from hair straightening salons. This will prevent the need for ironing the hair every day, and hence the remove the heat-damage that causes breakage.

Tips to increase your hair strength

In this article, we present some tips that you can use to strengthen your hair and to finally say goodbye to breakage.

Make use of a popular duo

There is a number of duos that people love. For instance, consider Batman and Robin, along with Peanut Butter and Jelly. Similarly, there is a magical all-in-one hair breakage solution, which is a duo of silicones and oil. Using this, you will get rid of the problem of breaking hair. Consequently, your hair will regain their natural strength in no time.

Normally, curly hair is more likely to break as there are several pinch points at which the hair becomes weak. In this regard, adding in some moisture may help significantly. Using deep conditioners that include silicones and natural oils protect every hair fiber. You can easily find these at good hair salons. Hence, the breakage goes away completely.

Try to keep stress at bay

According to clinical research, stress seems to have a direct relation to hair damage. Every single thing that you stress about including the big moving day and final exams tend to cause micro-inflammation in the hair follicles. This means that the hair that comes out is weaker, resulting in more shedding than usual. The prime culprit to blame here is cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This disrupts the hair cycle which weakens the hair.

Other researches have shown that if you do some mindful meditation for just 20 minutes for 14 days in a row, your hair follicles will start to regain their natural health again. At the same time, your stress levels will also fall, allowing you to focus on things that are worth your time.

Tuck it all in

It takes quite a while to rehabilitate hair that has undergone years of challenge. However, while you are at it, there are a number of ways to disguise it. For instance, you can create a loose braid and tuck the breakage inside in order to hide it. In case you do not like braids, you can simply go with a classic ponytail. At the same time, do not forget to make use of a hydrating styling cream so that your hair remains hydrated to the max. This is a trick that works for hair of all types of textures, does not require much effort, and also looks very clean.

Bulk it up

The human hair is made up of Keratin, which is a protein. The more this protein goes into your hair, the stronger your hair will become. So in this regard, look for conditioners and masks that contain hydrolyzed keratin. This is a substitute for the natural proteins in your hair that are damaged. The keratin protein fills up the small spaces in your weak strands, resulting in a fuller look.

What other solution do you have?

In case you want a quicker fix, you may also visit a keratin treatment salon Rockville for a complete hair makeover. Usually, keratin treatment may last anywhere from two to three months or more, depending on the type.


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