How To Neutralize Dirty Divorce Tricks?

You need to get a good bunch of guidelines from your family lawyer to stay away from dirty divorce tricks that could harm you or your kids in anyway. Let’s have a quick look at few workable tips to follow in such scenarios,

  1. Involvement of Your Employer

This is one of the dirtiest divorce trick when your partner involves your employer into all this mess just to turn down your reputation. Sometimes it is done when either of the partner has some extra marital affair or maybe some other grudges are there. In any case, you have to tell your ex about financial issues that he/she will have to face in case you lose your job. For instance, when the child custody attorney is involved then your partner will probably have to surrender any child support amount from you. It is because you may lose your job because of all this mess with your employer that your ex is creating.

  1. Take Away Everything When He/She Leaves

Well it sounds very insane but people actually do this very often that they take away each and everything with them when they leave your home. It can include the mutually brought electronic gadgets, furniture, jewelry or any other thing that you both made together. It may be very humiliating that you come to your own house and find nothing to sit on or make yourself a cup of tea. You can directly sue your partner for doing so and file a robbery case against him/her. Your family lawyer can guide you well about how to take up this inhumane issue in front of a judge to make things in your favor more.

  1. Making Your Children Against You

Generally when things are very much spiced up, most of the partners use their kids’ innocent minds to make them against their mom or dad. It is very cruel but you have to act very carefully at this stage because kids need at least of their parents to understand them. Firstly, you have to gather proofs that your ex is doing this with your kids and then put up this issue in front of a judge. In this way, your chances of getting child custody attorney may increase a lot and you can take your kids away from such negative environment.

  1. Blocking All Credit Cards

When your partner has given his/her cards to you for shopping gets blocked all of a sudden and that too without any prior information is very insane. You might be having no cash in hand and could be nowhere in between a farther place to fuel up your car at a random gas station can put you in a very difficult situation. Your family lawyer can help you to present this situation in a court to make your case even stronger. No matter the cards belonged to your ex, but it is him/her being unethical to cancel all of them without any warning and your judge knows this very well.

  1. Involving Other Relatives in Every Matter

Though it is a very common thing to involve elders when things are much heated up between spouses but using them to manipulate your partner is not a very good thing. Everyone has some flaws which only spouses are aware of but disclosing them to everyone in the family is a very unkind act. Making fun of your ex in front of relatives just to embarrass them is very inhumane and you can even inform judge about this as well. Since your relatives are involved in this so you can even ask them to acknowledge this matter so your ex can be warned officially.

  1. Moving to Farther Place with Kids

Just because judge has granted both of you a joint custody of your children does not mean to pinch your ex every other day for some new reason. It is normal when people want to teach lessons to their ex for doing all bad to them but it is not correct ethically. If your spouse moves to some farther place taking away your kids with him/her so you do not visit them frequently, you can easily file a case of child custody attorney fairfax va against them. It will be a good move for the sake of your kids’ wellbeing as well.

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