8 AC And HVAC Maintenance Secrets You Need To Know

HVAC companies recommend timely checkup of your appliances and this may sound like an easy job, but truth be told, it is not! To keep your system functional and away from unhealthy factors, you must know what is the best for your house. If you want your HVAC system to give you years of incredible service then keep reading!

Things to know about AC And HVAC Maintenance

We have put together some of the best techniques which will help you to keep your system working for a long time. Following are some of the secrets that you should miss out:

Check the filters

The first thing you should do before getting on with any other techniques is check the filters. As instructed by HVAC companies, you must pay attention to these minuscule details because if taken care properly, it can make your life way easier. If you successfully do a monthly filter checkup then you can easily make huge differences in the expensive repairs.

Rinse the Condenser

The best way to condense your home condenser is through the hose water. Yes, that is right! Head over to your garden and turn on the hose without any nozzle and let the condenser get washed. This will wash off any dirt particles or debris that was attached to the condenser unit making it clean and ready to use.

Steer clear of any obstacles

If you have an outdoor unit then make sure to keep the area around it free of any obstacles. One of the major reasons for lack of performance is having the unit area stocked with unnecessary things. These things make the job for condenser hard as it becomes unable to support a steady airflow or take away the dirt and eventually the system turns futile.

Make Your System Efficient

Once autumn starts to kick in, you will witness a gradual decrease in the efficiency of the system. The reason for that is the more trees you plant in the area near your outdoor air conditioning unit, the more leaves it will shed affecting the efficiency of your fan grill. Make sure to brush away all the leaves.

Opt for a Shady Area

Place your outdoor unit in a cooler area so it does not catch any heat that might cause any further problems. Furthermore, if the conditioner takes in cool air in the first place, it will take less time to make it cooler hence saving your money and boosting its efficiency.

Take Care of the Drain Line

If you have not been paying attention then do it right away because this is a secret that seems too unimportant to most of the people. To clean up the drain line of your condenser, use a solution consisting of bleach (one cup) and water (three cups). Once you are done with the remedy, pour the solution into condensate drain tube and watch its magic. The solution will take out any deposits of debris and algae from the drain tube and you will be good to go!

Agreement with an HVAC Contractor

Getting an agreement signed with the contractors of AC repair companies is one of the most crucial steps towards maintenance. You may meet a few contractors along the way that will try to look over it and take away tons of money. If you somehow manage to show them a warranty or price in black and white then you can easily avail all a good maintenance package from the HVAC companies.

The Size of the HVAC Matters!

At the time of installation, make sure to approach the right company because bogus companies often measure inaccurate size of the system hence charging you threefold. The size of the system must always be in sync with the size of your home, because too much extra space can your money go to complete waste. According to AC repair companies, if a house is smaller in size but the system is too large, not only it will eat away your money but also use more electricity for to work up till its full capacity.

Some of the AC repair companies Smithtown NY suggest you to replace a few parts of your HVAC system without even mentioning a valid reason for it. Here is a little tip that could help you, do not believe them instead use your own observation to detect any irregularities present.

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