What’s The Minimum Age For Hair Transplantation

Many people experience baldness at any age and they visit a hair restoration clinics straightaway. But what should be the minimum age to get a hair transplant? Well, that’s expounded below;

Is There Any Age Limit for Hair Transplantation?

Almost all the hair restoration clinics do not prefer young patients in their early 20s. By the age of 25 doctors can identify and pinpoint the pattern and cause of hair loss. Before that it almost impossible to do so and to know how far will your hair loss go and recede. Although there is a limit on the younger people but there is no limit for the oldest. A balding or receding hairline can occur at any point of life but usually men face them in early 20s to early 30s. You can get hair transplant from your local hair transplant center at any age you like after 25.

What’s the Reason of Hair Loss?

The average hair loss in men usually occurs in early 20s. This is a cause of degrading confidence in men and negative effect on their personality. There are a lot of reasons why hair loss occurs due to many reasons whether it be genetic or just ignorance to the health of your hair or maybe even excessive stress.

Generally, people don’t take care good care of their hair and use excessive hair products that cause them to damage and thin them which causes them to break. This also increases a chance for them to consider going to hair restoration clinic to get their hair back. Another cause is the improper diet and lack of sleep. These two are dangerous not just to the hair but the whole human body. This can cause obesity, make you no control over your diet and make you lose your confidence.

Losing Your Hair Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Personality and Your Confidence

A balding or receding hairline can occur at stage of life, but men usually have them in their early 20s. This age is very young for anyone to visit a hair restoration clinic and get a treatment. The balding and hair loss has been cited as the top reason for having a negative impact on their personality and degrading self-confidence. This is a very serious issue as men in their 20s are still young and they have a lot to look forward to. Losing confidence this early in their life can be very problematic and they turn to hair transplant center but what they should do is take care of their hair a bit more.

Getting a Transplant At Younger Age Can Increase Longer Term Risks

Getting a transplant early despite the warning of the physician can increase long term risks. Its difficult to learn the pattern of hair loss as it is and with younger people it is even harder. The age between 18-25 is when you have to worry about keeping the hair on your head rather than getting a treatment. You can get your hair transplanted underaged, but it has an increased chance of risking your hair to look more uneven, unnatural looking in your mid-30s, 40s and 50s. The pattern of the hair loss can also change, and it may leave even more bald patches and you may require multiple hair transplants. A single hair transplant is painful and fairly heavy on your pocket and to get more of them is just too much. The best approach is to wait till the right time.

Is There Any Other Treatment Than Hair Transplant That Can Reduce Hair Loss?

Yes, there are a few ways to help you before you come of age:

  1. Medication can be prescribed by your physician, so it can slow down the process of hair loss.
  2. Hair loss shampoos along with a general massage with essential oils can help you deal with the daily struggles of hair loss.
  3. Low level laser light therapy is something that many people may find a little expensive and may think that it has side effects, but you can try it out if you are very desperate.

In hair transplant center may have rules not to treat people under a certain age which is for your benefit, so you shouldn’t ignore the physician’s advice.

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