6 Best Exercises For Losing Belly Fat

The most stubborn and hard to lose fat is belly fat. Other than weight management programs, diet clinics, there is the option of rigorous exercise that can shed all that belly fat. However, not all exercises loose belly fat, its better know which one does before starting your routine.

Weight loss exercises

Following are the most favorable exercises that will help you lose belly fat if they are done regularly. Always warm up before starting any exercise routine.

  1. Crunches

Among all the high rated exercises that help you reduce belly fat, crunches occupy the first position. They might look easy, but doing them can knock the wind out of you.

How It’s Done?

  1. Spread your floor mat, lie down flat on your back and bend your knees and put feet on the floor. You can also elevate your legs 90 degrees in the air as well.
  2. Place your arms under your head, try and lift your head first up and then forward in the direction if your knees.
  3. This will crunch your core and work those belly fat. It might feel hard at first, but you get used to it eventually. Exhale when you relax and lie back down, inhale when you go back in the crunching position.
  4. Do not over do this if you are a beginner, always start with ten counts and increase gradually.
  5. Cycling

Second in line is the cycling exercise. No, you will not need a bicycle for this but a lot of kicking is required.

How It’s Done?

On your floor mat, lie flat on your back. Bend you knees and raise your legs and keep them at 90-degree position, now start altering between the two, bring one leg in and kick other out. Just the way you’d paddle a cycle. It’s the best exercise to engage your core muscle and burn all that stubborn belly fat.

You can also enroll yourself in weight management programs or get consultation at diet clinics to help with the reduction of belly fat.

  1. Captain’s Chair

All you need is a chair to work all the muscles of your abdomen, no heavy equipment is required.

How It’s Done?

  1. Place a chair on a flat surface, sit on the chair with your shoulders relaxed and your back straight. Do not arch or curve your back forward during the whole routine.
  2. Now inhale and let your body loose
  3. Exhale and try bringing your legs up, knees towards your chest. Get them as close as you can without bending in any way. Hold this pose and count till five.
  4. Now inhale and let your legs descend down slowly.
  5. Repeat this at least 10 times and increase the count gradually.
  6. Side to Side Bending

Side to side bending engages the core and stretches the muscles which helps with the weight loss around the belly area.

How It’s Done?

  1. Stand upright and straight without slacking any part.
  2. Place your hands at your sides.
  3. Open your legs in a slant position.
  4. Now keeping your hand on your left side, lean and bend your body to the left. Do not lift your legs from the ground. All this while your right hand will be in the air bend towards the left. This will put the strain on the opposite size, you might feel burning pain, which is a good sign.
  5. Revert to your upright position and then do the same with the right side.
  6. Hold each position for 10 seconds.

Other than these suggested exercises, you can add cardio engaging exercises as well to reduce belly fat.

  1. Walking

The routine walk doesn’t count in this. You have to single out a time and then keeping a steady pace walk nonstop for 30 to 45 minutes. Walking is a major exercise for every part of your body. Healthy diet and daily walk can help keep you belly fat in check and make your heart muscles very strong.

  1. Running

Just like walking, running makes a brilliant exercise as well. Altering between running and walking will help you stay healthy as well as discourage repetitive routine.


Exercise as well as weight management programs and diet clinics, all of these are good options to lose belly fat, all you need is a good routine and consistency to keep the check on you belly fat.

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