Tips for Condo Renovation

Planning a condo upgrade with a condo remodeling professional still requires planning and it does not free you from taking the proper steps that go with the entire process. It can be stressful just by thinking about it especially if you are starting to see cracks on countertops and other areas. In addition, a condo unit renovation has a different process compared to home renovation. Every condo space renovation comes with different limitations, strategies and possibilities, which all have to be considered because you start any project. To avoid having any unpleasant surprises, there are considerations you can make. By knowing these, you will also be helpful in the planning stage of the entire project so that things can go faster.

What you must know about condo remodeling


It is good to spend money on quality things instead of going cheap because the additional costs will eventually come up. Actually, that is not the reality so make sure that you do proper research. Ask a friend who has gone through the similar thing and check out stores to compare costs to get the best value. You should plan for at least an additional 20% for inevitable issues that might appear. In addition, regularly check the budget with the contractor or trades to make sure that you are on the right track. If you can, do not borrow money for renovation. It is more satisfying to finish a renovation process using funds you saved up.

Be aware of the rules

A thing you should understand before planning a condo renovation is the important rules of the condo board. They may have rules that can or cannot affect policies that impact the cosmetic decisions or the materials you choose. It will most likely have rules on when and the times a renovation can happen, when the materials can be brought, and others. If you do not check on these rules, you might deal with big headaches later on when you want to schedule tradespeople and deliveries. The board may need an approval or permit to start any work.

Ask for advice

An advantage of condo living is having quick access to maintenance and a professional’s advice on renovation. You can ask for advice about simple furniture installations, but you would have to hire contractors for big overhaul jobs. To save yourself from being overcharged by opportunistic contractors, you can look for advice regarding materials and rates of labor. You can go to the office to ask for tips and referrals for condo renovation. On-e of the reasons to talk to the staff is to find out what kind of renovation job is allowed in the condo.

Look for a reliable contractor

Ask your friends and family about contractors they know. It is better to work with someone who is recommended by people who care about you, have the necessary qualifications, good references, and can show you a copy of their insurance. It is important that your contractor can assure you that they have insurance coverage.

If you have a family, prepare them for the renovation

The safety of your family is the top priority when construction is ongoing. Figure out if you have to stay somewhere else for the mean time because major projects like mold removal, refinishing the flooring, and other remodeling project that occupy more than 50% of the condo would require you to move out until the job is done.

Check your condo remodeling contractor daily

Most of the time, a contractor will tell you that coming by once a week is enough but that is not true. If you can, visit the site every day unless the person is someone you completely trust that you can visit every few days only. A lot of people experience being disappointed after they have seen the finished project of the renovation because they did not visit the site daily. You need to be there to make sure that everything is done according to how you want. Do not hesitate to react because the longer you do not complain about the mistakes, the more expensive it will get.

It is important that you know these tips before paying for any condo remodeling contractor mclean va.  

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