Some Popular And Lesser-Known Types Of Countertops

Most people think of laminate or granite while deciding kitchen countertops. Other lesser-known choices can be perfect for your kitchen. Quartz kitchen countertops, for instance give your kitchen a lively look.

Types of kitchen countertops

Stainless Steel

We find stainless steel countertops in industrial kitchens. However, they have made their way into residential kitchens. These countertops are exceptionally resilient and their smooth surface is easy to clean. Moreover, they have a sleek look. They are anti-bacterial due to their nonporous surface. Bacteria is unable to go into cracks and pores. Stainless steel is very striking as well as stain and heat resistant. It complements different styles of flooring, cabinets and kitchen flooring. You can clean it easily with a mild cleaner. It does not require sealing and waxing.


Quartz is a man-made stone material and also called engineered stone. The depth and beauty of quartz is similar to natural stone. Quartz has great durability. It is resistant to stains, scratches, heat and acid. It comes in a large variety of patterns and colors that are fit for any kitchen. Quartz kitchen countertops are nonporous and connects to easy maintenance. Its surface is strong, durable and very attractive. Quartz kitchen countertops requires no sealing or waxing.


Soapstone is well suited for kitchen countertop use, although it is not so famous. It has countless qualities for cooking and preparation. Due to this, it can be the next big item in kitchen finishes. Soapstone is a natural stone and you can identify it for its soft and smooth feel. This soft feel is due to the talc in its natural composition. This stone is durable, strong as well as heat and stain resistant. As it is nonporous, so it is obviously antibacterial and easy to clean. A great advantage of soapstone is that it is virtually maintenance free. It requires no sealing. Each slab of soapstone is matchless in color and tone. Besides soapstone, granite countertops are also durable. You can easily install them by calling granite installers near your area.

Butcher Block

Butcher block is not a new thing. It has become a famous kitchen finish. Its warmth and allure makes any kitchen look fabulous. The countertops of butcher block are prepared from long and rectangular cuts of wood. These cuts of wood are bonded together to make a slab. The pieces of wood can be glued together in different ways like flat grain, edge grain and end grain. These diverse ways show the different sides of the wood. Butcher block is mostly made from maple because of its hardness and strength. However, it can be made from different types of woods also. The secret of having a functional and stunning butcher-block countertop lies in its maintenance. Unsealed and oil treated butcher block will look function and attractive for years. Treatment of oil every six months will shield and nurture the butcher block and keep it from deadening and drying. However, granite countertops can also be your first choice. Contacts granite installers in your area and make your kitchen a marvelous place.

Recycled Glass

Recycled glass is eco-friendly and fabulous to look at. It is made from bits of post- consumer recycled glass mixed together and fused with a resin binder. After combining, recycled glass is a shimmery magnum opus kitchen countertop. The size and color are extensively customizable. Recycled glass countertops are robust and durable. It is also heat and scratch resistant. It needs regular sealing and waxing that will keep the surface glossy and beautiful for years.


Concrete countertops are becoming popular for various reasons. They are the perfect mix of splendor and durability. It is a great countertop choice not only for its strength but also for its striking and customize look. The stain, color, texture, thickness and size of concrete are customizable. You can also cast the concrete with superfluities such as glitter or shells. Concrete is greatly porous so it is essential to seal concrete in order to prevent staining. Besides regular cleaning, concrete countertops require to wax to maintain their surface finish. Nevertheless, if granite countertop is your preference, just talk to nearby granite installers durham nc to give your kitchen a stunning look.

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