Basics of an abortion procedure is explained

Everybody who wish to go for an abortion usually go for counselling to some nearby early term abortion clinics, undergo an examination and carry out the abortion under medical care and supervision. The abortion process normally takes only 5-10 minutes and the patient will be given medicine to overcome the accompanying pain.

What are the preliminaries in  abortion to be done?

Before carrying out the abortion your health care provided or the concerned nurse will inform you whether the decision to abort is a right decision and whether there are any other suitable options for you. Your nurse or health care provider will inform you what you have to do some preparations for the abortion. They will give you instructions in writing regarding how to take care of your body after the abortion and to how to consume the medicines given by them. You will be provided with a telephone number which can be used 24/7 for clarifying any doubts or concerns.

After the abortion you many feel some bleeding and cramping. So it is better to plan ahead how to make your recovery time more comfortable. The rest of the day after abortion has to be given for complete relaxation. Make sure that pain medications are available with you. Never take aspirin as it can increase your bleeding.

How abortion works?

The most common form of abortion followed these days is suction abortion. Before starting the abortion procedure the patient will be given pain medication to be helpful with cramping. You will be given sedation before the procedure. There are some types of sedations which keep you awake and feel relaxed during abortion. There are also some other types of abortions which makes you sleep during abortion. Suitable method of anaesthesia will be decided by your doctor. You will also be given antibiotics to prevent infections.

After this the doctor or nurse will give you medication that helps to open the cervix before the abortion is performed. They may also put small sticks known as laminaria into the cervix opening, a few hours prior to the procedure. The fluid in your body is absorbed by the laminaria and they get bigger, stretching open your cervix.

Step by step procedure

  • The doctor or nurse will examine the uterus
  • Put a speculum so that inside of the vagina ca be seen.
  • Apply a numbing injection near your cervix
  • Open your cervix by stretching with a set of dilating rods.
  • Insert a thin tube inside the uterus
  • Using a suction device gently take out the pregnancy tissue from the uterus.
  • Sometimes a surgical tool may be used for removing any tissues left in the uterus.

After completing the abortion procedure, the patient will be removed to recovery area and will be allowed to remain there until she is ready to go home.

Abortion procedure only takes 5 to 10 minutes. But your you will have to spend more time for examination and for signing the forms and papers and stay in the recovery room for about one hour to watch the after effects of the abortion procedure.

If you are thinking about any birth control suitable to you this is the best time to carry out it. Some doctors in abortion centres put an intrauterine device during the abortion procedure if the patient is willing for it.

Abortion in the second trimester

The abortion after 16 weeks of pregnancy is carried out by a procedure known as dilation and evacuation which is popularly known as D and E. The earlier part of D and E procedure is similar to the abortion procedure which is detailed above. Doctor may give you some suitable medication that will help him to open the cervix. The procedure D and E is usually done in abortion clinics washington and may take more time than ordinary abortion. This procedure is often completed within 10 to 20 minutes. For abortion that takes place during the second trimester, doctors also give a shot through the abdomen of the patient before starting the procedure. In this procedure a combination of suction device and other medical tools are utilized to remove the pregnancy tissue from the uterus.

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