11 Wedding Trends Of 2022

Like everything else covid impacted weddings as well. People shaped their weddings with the help of local party rentals to abide by the rules. This also made people value the presence of people and celebrate weddings wholeheartedly. Let’s find out what wedding trends we expect in 2022.

Small Guest List

Due to the pandemic, we were restricted to allow a set number of people. Because of this, now couples finally feel the freedom to invite only the people they care about. They are going for 50 or less people.

These micro weddings allow the couples to spend money on other things or save it up for honeymoon or for their future.

Destination Weddings

They have been there for ages, but now with a smaller guest list, more people are considering a destination wedding. This is valued by both couples and guests because a destination wedding provides a combo of wedding celebrations and a vacation.

Moreover, a destination wedding doesn’t mean to fly overseas. Many couples are finding nearby small towns to arrange their wedding events.

Multi-Day Experience

It applies mostly to destination weddings. As everyone is there for the wedding, arranging pre and post wedding events is a better way to make the most of the trip. As mentioned previously, this becomes a wedding and a vacation wrapped in one.

With smaller guest lists, couples will take advantage of it and arrange multi-day experiences even in standard weddings.

Weekday Weddings

Due to the pandemic, many weddings were cancelled. When restrictions were reduced or lifted, there was a big amount of people looking to book dates for their wedding. This made many people choose weekdays for their wedding. Now, people have adjusted with weekday weddings and we see this trend going strong in 2022.

Less Traditions

Weddings have become more guest driven and modern. Many things are causal now. Also, couples are considering the why of every tradition and focusing on the traditions that make sense to them. They want to care more about their guests and do everything to provide them with a memorable experience.


The pandemic has taught the couples to stop waiting for the dream wedding and enjoy the imperfections of life. That’s why they are using sentimental decor and vintage furniture. People are appreciating this trend and want to see things with a history instead of seeing everything in new condition.

Garden Venues

With covid restrictions, outdoors was and is the best way to arrange a wedding. People are inviting the idea and bringing their take to outdoor weddings. Many venues are set in a way that the indoor is fused in with outdoors. Even a simple outdoor location can be turned into any theme the couple wants with the right equipment and decor. Tented weddings are seeing a boom.

Different Colors

Couples are looking to spice their weddings up and they don’t want their wedding look like the thousands of weddings happened before. That’s why they are reducing traditions and following their personal taste. They are going with bold colors for decor to express they are breaking out of the traditions set in the last decade. But it’s not just bold colors, some expert believe that earthy colors may become the choice of many couples as well.


Couples are becoming more conscious of the ecosystem and want to choose materials that help reduce waste. This is the reason 2022 will see more people using dried flowers and earthy tones for wedding decor.

Unique Timelines

Due to the covid restrictions, may couples cancelled their big weddings and tried smaller gatherings or online events for wedding. Many of them are now set to celebrate their wedding. This is also helping them to skip formalities and just causally enjoy their wedding with their friends and family.


Again, covid restrictions introduced people to livestreaming their wedding. They had a small number of guests invited physically and all others were joined through livestream. Now many of the restrictions are lifted, but people are still into the new tradition of streaming their wedding live to as many people as they want.


The pandemic changed the way people approach weddings. These changes are here to stay throughout 2022. Get advice from wedding tent rentals Rockland NY to set a trendy and memorable decor for your wedding.

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