Covid Safety Guidelines You Should Implement In Your Wedding

Covid has stayed longer than we thought, and perhaps there is no point in further postponing our important events. We don’t know how long it is going to last and we cannot let it bound us. If your wedding is around the corner, all you need to do is take care of a bunch of safety guidelines, hire responsible wedding tent rentals and vendors, and feel good to go.

Covid Guidelines

Hair and makeup specialists should have their masks and gloves on while giving the bride her dream look

People who are likely to get close to both the groom and the bride should either be tested negative or adhere to the safety guidelines while they are on duty. Make sure all the beauty vendors wear their masks and gloves while they give you a makeover.

You would surely not want to catch the virus through one of those people who are there to make your wedding an even more special day. People once tested negative can test positive sometime later too, hence, wearing safety gadgets during the whole time is the best and most reliable option.

Perform temperature checks upon guest arrivals

These days people get their temperatures checked every time they enter a public place, you can also make this safety guideline a top priority. Upon entrance, your guests will have to get their temperatures checked. Update your guests about this thing in advance so none of them takes the offence of being checked despite clearing their corona tests.

If you are going for a big wedding instead of an intimate wedding, you should definitely get everyone checked before letting them set their foot on the venue.

Social distancing should be taken care of. Guests shouldn’t move around much

In a regular wedding, people would like to move around and talk to people sitting at different tables. You have to make sure this thing doesn’t happen as much as it used to happen pre-covid days. Just as people enter the venue, you can make an announcement that people should stay put and in case they feel like walking around, they must put on their masks.

No matter how sensible people on your guest list are, you have to remind them of the safety measures every now and then. You can’t leave your guests on their own, you have to usher them into complying with all the post-covid norms.

Food should be packaged and distributed. No open bar for a change

Unlike a usual wedding, there should be no food or drink bars. These two are the most apprehended areas where people socialize the most. You cannot control people’s maneuverability so it’s best to shut these two spots out. You can ask your caterer to pack everything in a decent quantity and make a package out of it. Make sure your guests don’t have to leave their seats to get food, the food should reach them then and there.

Every table should be waited on. Nobody has to leave their seat for a cold drink

People can wait for food but they cannot wait for beverages. People are habitual of craving beverages every few minutes. When you hire a caterer, make sure they have enough waiters on their team. A handful of waiters are never going to be enough. The number of waiters you are going to need depends on the number of guests you have invited to your wedding – there should be one waiter for every two tables, so to say.

No oldies

It is a no-brainer that senior citizens are more prone to catching the virus. People above 60 have a hard time battling the virus once it penetrates their bodies. Hence, it is safe and sound for the grandpas and the grannies to stay at home and wish you later.

Socially distant seating should be brought into being

People should not be seated alongside strangers. You should instruct the wedding party rental Rockland NY that there should be family tables, every table should have a family’s name on it. People who have quarantined together should share the same table and the rest of them should be seated at a fair distance. People should be discouraged from moving around and exchanging handshakes and hugs. They can wave and/or smile at each other from wherever they are seated.

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