Ways to get higher number of positive reviews

Wondering how to get more google reviews? Well in this article, we are going to teach you some tips and tricks that you can use to generate more reviews. So, do not worry and sit tight, because you are going to find out a lot in this article.

Reviews simply work as social proof, that makes it easy for shoppers to add some context and to be confident about making a purchase from you. Whether you are selling a service or products, reviews are extremely important for your business.

Ways to get more reviews on google

So, are you now ready to start generating more reviews? In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most powerful tips that you can use in this regard. So, without wasting more time, let us start with it.

Putting reviews on homepage

If you own a website, then make sure that you have put a certain number of reviews on the front of your homepage. These reviews should be visible to everybody who lands on your page. Just make sure to not to force the reviews down their face. Rather, let the viewer’s eyes be guided to the reviews naturally.

This will immediately improve the outlook of your brand and viewers will be more likely to get satisfied. On the other hand, if they see negative reviews before using your service, chances are that they will judge you more critically even if they agreed to buy your product.

So, showing positive reviews as the first thing on the homepage should be a prime consideration for your business.

Give a good service

The most central part about getting positive reviews for your brand is to give a high-end service to your customers. Just think about it yourself. Would you be willing to leave a positive review for somebody who does not give you a good service? So, this is the most central part and perhaps the biggest requirement.

Once you have given a good service to your customers, then you can start using a number of different tips and tricks to encourage your buyers to leave some reviews.

Typically, buyers leave reviews in two cases. Either they do it when they are extremely happy about a service, or extremely dissatisfied with the service. These are the only two cases. Otherwise, it is rare for people who have a neutral experience to go through the pain of writing a review.

So, what you should aim for is providing a top-notch service so that your buyers or customers feel obliged to leave reviews for you.

Ask for reviews

It is not a bad thing to ask for reviews. With your package, you can leave a polite note with a small gift for your buyers. Along with that, leave a request for an honest review. This will make your buyers feel obliged to leave reviews for you. And for as long as your service is good, chances are that the reviews will be positive too.

When you are rolling in positive reviews, you can expect your sales to go higher too. This is an effective way for you to expand your business.


So, what are you waiting for? Start focusing on providing a high-end service to your clients and then just wait for them to leave a positive review. At the same time, respond to negative reviews politely.

To not forget to take the help of some review management tools in order to manage the influx of reviews that you are getting. This will be important for you once you start receiving a high number of reviews.

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