How To Get A Divorce While Pregnant

We all know things hit a rough patch in your marriage and sometimes you have to call it quits for the greater good. But it gets a little more difficult if you are expecting even when you have the support of a top rated divorce lawyer. Here’s your route to divorce if you are pregnant.

Do Some Research On Whether Your State/Country Allows It

Not all countries have the same family laws. Few countries have a law against getting divorce during pregnancy. If you want to get divorced, you will have to wait till you give birth to the child. Usually, you have to wait for 6 months (which is a trial period) to either be divorced or officially separated. If during your pregnancy you feel like this is it and you can no longer take it, you can start living separate from that period and wait until you get done with labor.

Not to forget, all these months during pregnancy will not be counted as trial period. You will be able to file for your divorce only after you are over and done with child labor.

Even if you are living within the United States, you ought to know there are many states that still don’t allow a divorce during pregnancy. If you happen to be a resident of one of those states, just delay pursuing divorce for a little while.

Get Some Couple Counselling

There are many solid reasons for which you should try and stop your marriage from falling apart at the seams. One of those reasons is your little child growing bigger and bigger each day inside your womb. If you have differences and you seem to be helpless in resolving them, you should try to confide in with people you closely know. Couple problems are unique and couples your age can suggest some easy ways out, no? Before hitting the final nail in the coffin, you should at least try to give it another chance. You should try and examine every aspect of your failing marriage with attention to detail.

Setting Boundaries Should Be Your Top-Most Priority

Whenever in life you go through something crucial, you should keep only necessary people around you. There should be no haters or mockers or opportunists as bystanders. Allow your close friends who are supportive of your decision to stay close to you. There would be some nosy people who would question your decision and make it difficult for you to move on. Don’t let them in. Be very strict about who will surround you during this tough and crucial phase of your life.

Write It All Out. Do Your Catharsis

Catharsis helps a lot. You need to pour your heart out to people who tend to understand what you went through and why. You must have compromised a lot to make your marriage work and it still didn’t work for some reason. You might want people to learn about your struggle to keep this marriage. Therefore, you should turn a blogger for some time and write, write, write to your heart’s content. You must have been hurt — deeply hurt — bleed on a piece of paper, you would feel better in the end.

A Co-Parenting Plan Is A Must To Have

When you know you are no longer together and you share the responsibility of a child, you should gear up for co-parenting. You should try and develop a mutual understanding for the sake of your child. You would surely not want your child to open his eyes to a world where differences are strong and his/her divorced parents are always at each other’s throat. Therefore, you must sit together and put the past behind and think of the future which has your child as the focal point. Try and build a strong and unshakeable co-parenting plan which will make your lives easier.

Find Yourself A Lawyer Good At Handling Family Law And Divorce

Finally, you have to find yourself the best family attorney Fairfax VA you can possibly hire. When it comes to hiring a divorce lawyer, you should not be going for some random guy who’s just stepped into the market. You should be meticulous enough to go for someone who has a relatively high standing in the field of law — someone who understands family law and divorce — someone who can go out of his way to resolve the matter and live peacefully thereafter.

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