7 ideas for unique centerpieces

During the reception, all eyes are glued to the table. With a little creativity, one can decorate the tables with unique centerpieces without burning one’s pocket. For the party rentals.

  1. Seasonal inspiration – Think of seasonal flowers and fruits for an outdoor wedding. During the fall, colorful leaves, branches and pumpkin are a great idea. Use mini pumpkins to make seating cards. One can get creative by spray painting elements in gold or silver. In the winter, decorate evergreen shrubs (small) with berries or ornaments, such as hanging escort cards on Christmas tree to guide the guests to their table. If it is a beach wedding in summers, fill the glass bottles with sand, colored seashells, etc.
  2. Think colorful – Mix and match different shades of the same hue. For instance, four to five flowers in similar color and family put together make a striking centerpiece. One can also add fruits or vegetables, such as mix tulips and fresh asparagus to add a dash of green to the table. Intersperse lemons with bright yellow roses, combine green apples, pears and lime with a few sprigs of basil or eggplants, purple plums and blood oranges. If planning a rustic wedding, tomatoes in varying shapes and sizes, red chili peppers and a bunch of basil can work wonders.
  3. Use terracotta pots – Take a terracotta pot, brush it with different shades of green and white color. Coat it unevenly with a glue and roll it on top of some floral moss. Allow it to dry overnight. One can make it look like an aged terracotta pot.
  4. Try plastic containers – Spray paint, plastic bottles with gold and use a sponge to add shades of brown and olive green. If one wants to create an organic look to the containers, then thinly spread glue on the container, apply a thick coating of floral moss and glue lemon leaves using a spray adhesive.
  5. Lights for romantic ambience – Candles in different shapes, sizes and colors are great to create unique centerpieces. If planning an eclectic decor, get vases in various shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. Pillar candles and rocks give an organic feel to the table. Fill a cylinder-like vase with water, submerge rocks and float mini candles to create a romantic feel. Cut sheets of music and wrap it around the candle. Decorate with a ribbon.
  6. Eco-friendly table – Looking to go green? Combine moss and candles to decorate the table. Add a few orchid between the branches to create a simple and unique centerpiece.
  7. Personalized photo centerpiece – Take print out of your photos on a decorative paper. Using double-sided tape, stick it inside a glass centerpiece. Add flowers to the centerpiece.

Hire a wedding planner for some unique wedding centerpieces rentals.

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