Different types of sports injuries

Do you play sports quite often? If yes, then chances are that you would have hurt your joint at least once in your life. Joint paints and injuries are quite often. However, sometimes these injuries that may look small, end up being big fractures requiring the help of orthopedic surgeons.

It does not really matter whether you are an athlete or somebody who just plays casually. Sports always come with the risk of getting injured. There are many different types of sports injuries. However, people tend to suffer from some injuries very commonly, more than others.

These specifically include injuries that are related with the joints. For instance, it is common to see people getting their ankles, elbows, and knees hurt. But that is not the only type of sports injury that is common.

Common sports injuries

In this article, we put together all the different types of sports injuries that you might be susceptible to, especially if you play any type of hardcore sports.


Sprains happen one the ligament gets over-stretched. These are tough issues that connect the bones together and are not meant to be stretched. They are indeed tough, but not too elastic. This means that stretching them beyond their limit can result in sprains.

Most sprains happen due to twisting, falling, or trauma. The biggest symptom of a joint sprain is bruising and pain, along with limited motion. Though, sprains can be healed with time on their own. Rest and pain medications might be required.


There is a significant difference between strains and sprains. You see, our tendons are made of fibrous tissues. These tissues join the muscles with the bones. Strain is simply when the tendon muscles are over-stretched and torn. When that happens, strains develop. These are similar to sprains in the sense that over-stretching is involved in these injuries.

And just like sprains, strains will get resolved on their own with some medications and rest. Though, the doctor’s intervention may be required in the injury is really bad.

Tendon Tear

This is a more serious condition in which the achilles tendon become ruptured due to strong force. These are the muscles that attach the back of the let to the heal. When this happens, it would become very difficult for one to walk.

Sometimes, this condition can also develop from tendons that have become weakened with the passage of time. So, you need to make sure that whenever you play sports, you do it in a very safe environment.

Fractures of the bone

A fracture occurs when the bone breaks. This could occur in any part of the body. However, due to sports, fractures mostly occur in the elbows, ankles, or the knees. Along with that, the fingers can also become fractured but that is rare.

Typically, these type of injuries are more common in sports that require a huge risk of falling. For instance, people who play extreme sports such as skateboarding are often susceptible to developing fractures due to trauma.

Sometimes people end up mistaking fractures for sprains. If you feel like you might have developed fractures, then we suggest you get medical help right-away.


These are all the common injuries that are related with sports. Of course, all of them do not require the intervention of a doctor. However, we still suggest you reach out to a doctor as soon as possible because people often end up underestimating the extent of their injury.

Also make sure that you only choose the most well-reputed elbow injury doctor McLean or any other, depending on your injury. This is important for timely treatment.


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