How To Use Different Shapes Of Rugs

An area rug is a great way to instantly uplift your house and add depth and a sense of aesthetic appeal. It creates a  welcoming environment and makes your furniture and decor stand out. Before searching for traditonal rugs and silk rugs near me, follow this guide on how to use area rug shapes.

The Different Shapes Of Rugs

Choosing an area rug is a difficult task indeed due to the fact that there is a wide array of patterns and designs to choose from. Apart from that, the main challenge lies in choosing the shape of your area rug according to your room.

There are quite many shapes of area rugs which are all suitable for different moods and themes if the room and also your own preferences. If you are in search of a perfect rug for your home then read below, how to incorporate the different shapes of the rugs.

Rectangle Rug

This is probably the most common and the most quintessential rug shape used since centuries ago.  Although it is a common shape, you still cannot deny the depth and aura that it creates in any room and blends the whole place together.

It is usually used in large spaces and mostly stands out with antique, vintage, and oriental themes. It can look good in a contemporary room as well but an ultra-modern room will not be able to handle its old school aesthetics. A living room, a dining room, a reading room, and even a bedroom and also a traditional kitchen welcomes a rectangle shaped rug with open arms. Also, it is the safest option and you can never go wrong with a rectangle rug.

Square Rug

Square rugs are also traditional but can complement any modern setting as well. They are a great alternative to rectangle rugs in rooms or spaces where rectangle rugs look disproportionate. Perfectly suitable for small sitting areas or a square shaped room and even under the center tables or sight tables. They are a great way to add warmth to a reading corner. Not suitable for very huge spaces but still if you add 2 to 3 square rugs then you can give a unique touch.

Oval Rugs

A blend of contemporary and oriental design, this shape offers a great deal of visual appeal when added to any room. Works best for a modern bedroom where the decor is mostly oval or round shaped and you have a lot of space as well. Great for your sitting area in your bedroom and suits well under an oval shaped dining table.

They also add a conventional touch in a country kitchen spreading a welcoming sense. Due to their make and color selections, oval area rugs add a great piece to add in the hallway or entrance.

Round Rugs

The perfectly modern shape of round rugs gives a high end touch to your modern and contemporary home. Round rugs instantly appeal to your eye especially because they are made of fur and shaggy mostly. Perfect for a cozy bedroom or even a kid’s room.

Great to pair it up with round shaped decor and furniture. They can be used to visually increase the size of their room due to their never ending turns. If you have a small living room, then enlighten it up with a round rug or use it under round shaped furniture and centerpieces.

Unique Shaped Rugs

After all the shapes, now comes unique or disintegrated shapes. There are many designs to choose from, animal shapes, paws, toy shapes, games turned into rugs, educational shapes, haphazard shapes, and whatnot.

These kinds are excellent for small spaces or to create a focal point on an area such as a wall, a decor piece, an item of furniture, or just to make a bland and plain room interesting and appealing.


A common misconception is that runners are only suitable for entrance and hallways but this is not the case. They can be used in any all and narrow spaces such as sides of the bed or a sitting area. Do not use it in very big spaces.

Whatever rug shape you choose from rug stores Northern VA should only be your preference and should reflect your personal preference and aesthetic. Your house will look happy when you are happy.

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