What Are Sew-In Hair Extensions

Long thick and healthy mane has been the dream of all women for generations. However, now all you girls and women who have short hair can finally fulfill their wish through sew-in hair extensions which you can get from a store or salons that do hair extensions.

The Hair Extension Rage

Since hair extensions have arrived, they have made the life of women easier. You can go for any hair length, any color, any style, and any cut of your hair. You can try out your looks in different hairstyles which might not be possible for your hair. There are mostly 3 types of hair extensions:

  • Clip-in hair extension
  • Tape-in hair extensions
  • Sew-in hair extensions

All About Sew-In Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions are extensions that are made up of real hair and look the most natural of all. They are weaved or sewed in your own hair through thread and needle. Sew-in are the most complicated of the 3 kinds of extensions.

First, a cornrow is made on the top middle of your hair starting from the ear till the center of the hair till both the cornrows meet. Then the extensions are sewed in the cornrows with a needle taking very small strands of the hair. This requires the working of experienced and professional hairstylists. Do not go to amateur or inexperienced hairstylists for this purpose. This is a complicated process hence the requirement of an expert in sewing in extensions. Also, the whole process will take a long time, around 7 to 8 hours as all the strands are very carefully and immaculately sewed in the cornrows of the hair. Do not try this at home yourself, it is not an easy process plus you will not be able to see the back of your head and might hurt your scalp.

The most important thing about sew-in extensions is that they should be done on thick and healthy hair as thin hair will not be able to take the stress of weaving and sewing. The cornrow requires the hair to be pulled tightly and then the sewing process also pulls and tightens your scalp and hair. Thus, thin hair will be pulled and natural hair will also be damaged. Also, the sewing in process and the aftermath will also cause a headache. The pulling effect can be only handled by thick and healthy hair.

The major advantage of sew-in hair extensions is that they are very much permanent and durable and do not fall off. Unlike the other types of hair extensions, they look completely natural and there is no seam visible as they are sewn in on your natural hair.

Advantages Of Sew-In Hair Extensions

  • The major advantage is that you can get any color, any hairstyle, and any hair length as per your preference.
  • You get thick, healthy, and long hair.
  • They are permanent, durable, and natural-looking so you don’t need to worry about them falling off.
  • They are very much affordable and the result is instant. Your hair transforms to voluminous and healthy in a matter of hours along with being safe and secure.
  • The best type of extension if you have thick hair. Plus, less damaging as they are sewn in your natural hair and not taped or glued.

Disadvantages Of Sew-In Hair Extensions

  • Not suitable for thin hair as the hair and scalp is constantly pulled.
  • The cornrow is tightly pulled and can also give you a constant headache or damage your hair if it is not perfectly done by an expert hairdresser.
  • You will not be able to find a professional for these types of hair extensions.
  • The braid is there for a long period of time which means there will be buildup of bacteria and greasiness if not cared for and moisturized properly.
  • Hairstyle options are limited after extensions as they are sewn in your hair and the braid is there.
Taking Care Of Sew-In Hair Extensions

You need to take proper care of hair extensions after getting them sewed. Since the hair is constantly braided, that part might become dry, full of bacteria, and also damage the hair shaft due to the constant pulling. You need to wash the area around the braid and scalp thoroughly and use protein and keratin-rich products which are extra moisturizing. Do not use excessive styling products or heat styling products as the hair will lose its shine and strength.

Once you have read all the above listed information, you can decide what is best for you and if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then you should book your appointment with a hair extensions salon Potomac.

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