How To Keep Your Ice Maker Working In Optimum Condition

One of the top reasons why many people buy ice makers is that they want to make ice conveniently at their house instead of running to a local store to buy ice for special occasions. Serving warm drinks to your guests can turn them off for the rest of the party. That’s why it is important to maintain your ice maker well to make sure that it keeps working perfectly in the long run without you needing refrigerator ice maker repair often. So, here are some of the best tips you can follow to keep your ice maker working at this optimum condition in the long run.

Use Clean Water

You should use clean water in your unit to make sure no one gets dirty and cloudy ice cubes in their drink. Don’t leave old water for too long in the unit, keep recycling the water and use fresh, clean water to make clear ice cubes. You only have to spare some minutes every week or month (depending on how often you use the ice maker) to recycle the water and use fresh and clean water in the unit.

However, if you like partying hard but hate cleaning your ice maker again and again, you can invest in a self-cleaning ice maker. But keep in mind that these ice makers are more expensive as compared to ordinary models.

Some ice makers are also made in a specific way to continuously recycle old water and use new one. If you’re tired of people showing their hands in the ice maker to grab ice, you can buy a scooper to pick up ice cubes elegantly without contaminating the water in the unit. This will help you keep your appliance clean for a longer period of time.

Pick A Good Location

If you’re using an under-counter or outdoor ice maker, location shouldn’t be a concern for the most part, as these ice makers are built to withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions. These ice makers can keep the ice inside them frozen even if the temperature outside is 90 degrees.

However, choosing an easily accessible location becomes important if you’re installing a built-in ice maker in your house. It shouldn’t be placed too far away from the party location. So, choose a location which is near your party location, as this will allow you to access the ice maker easily.

Portable Ice Makers

If you have a portable ice maker, you’ll need a power outlet to power them up. You’ll be good as long as you have a pre-planned place for them in your backyard with an easily accessible power outlet nearby. But if you’re planning to take these ice makers to a park, you might have to use an extension cable to connect the appliance to a power outlet. That’s why planning a good location is important whenever you’re going outside with a portable ice maker.

You should avoid placing the ice maker bear drinks. That’s because someone might spill drinks on the appliance. But it shouldn’t be placed too far away from the bar either, as that’ll make getting a drink a hassle for the guests. So, the best way to keep ice and beverages closer to each other is having them on two opposite sides of the same counter. Making a dedicated place for your ice maker is always a safer method.

Keep Storing The Ice

When you’re using a portable ice maker, it will recycle the remaining ice from the previous batch, and will use the water to make the next batch. While this is a standard process in most of the ice makers, it can be frustrating, especially if there are lots of guests waiting for ice to enjoy their drinks. That’s why you shouldn’t let any amount of ice waste, and should use a cooler to store any left-over ice from a batch.

Keep storing all the excess ice in a separate cooler to have a decent quantity of ice available right away. This way, you can use even a small ice maker to cater to a large group of guests. This is how you can use your ice maker in the best way possible. And when there is an issue, call in an appliance repair Northern VA service to fix it.

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