How To Improve Your Car’s Appearance

When it comes to making your car look good and appealing, there are many possibilities. Those who love cars want heads to turn as they pass by. With that being said, if you are someone who is looking to improve your car’s appearance, you can look at several options in terms of installing aftermarket body kits or simply getting auto glass tinting. Let us take the discussion further and discuss how you can improve your car’s appearance.

Paint Protection Film

A paint protection film is installed to protect a vehicle’s paint. However, it also provides extreme gloss and shine. Installing a paint protection film requires a lot of hard work, patience, and of course, money. People who own new cars mostly get PPF installed so that they can prolong the life of their vehicle’s paint. If you are planning to get one installed as well, make sure that you opt for a certified installer. Since you will be spending quite a lot of money, it is important that your vehicle be properly protected.

Tinted Car Windows

Another popular modification to improve the car’s appearance is tinted windows. However, car window tinting in most countries are not allowed beyond a certain limit. While getting the windows tinted, you should make sure that you comply with the laws. Otherwise, you will run into problems with the local authorities. Furthermore, tinted car windows are offered in different varieties, with spectrum paper being the most popular. It is scratch-resistant and bears a long life. However, when compared to other types, it is a lot more expensive.


Adding a spoiler to your vehicle is a risk. The reason is that if you manage to pull it off properly, it will make the car look sportier. However, in the opposite case, it will simply make the car look awkward. Therefore, if you are planning to install a spoiler, make sure that you opt for the type that is offered by the manufacturer. Almost all vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai, etc. provide factory-fitted spoilers. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is find the right one.


Car fanatics have gradually moved towards vehicles with low ground clearance. There was a time when the only way to lower the height of a vehicle was to install coil-overs. However, today you can install air suspension as well, which is comparatively expensive but allows the user to control the height through a remote. Air suspensions basically comprise balloons that are filled with air to lift the vehicle and decompress when it is lowered. Since the installation of air suspension takes time and effort, it is suggested that you opt for a branded system.


Rims can make any vehicle look years ahead of its time. However, it is not only the rims but the correct tire size as well. Many car owners manage to get their hands around some very fancy wheels but the impression does not last long due to the incorrect tire size. Since there is a huge variety of rims out there, it is easy to become confused. Therefore, opt for something simple yet sleek and modern.


Although wraps have been around for a while but initially car owners were a bit hesitant to get them installed. The reason being, to properly wrap a vehicle, it needs to be taken apart. This is a risk not for the light-hearted especially those who own new and expensive cars. However, today the development of new techniques and methods has significantly improved the quality of the wraps as well as the installation processes. Therefore, if you are bored with the original color, you can opt for matte, satin, or shiny wrap finishes.

Final Word

Improving your vehicle’s appearance depends on your preferences and budget. If your budget allows, you can spend some money on engine modifications as well to make it look even more attractive inside out. However, if you intend to just focus on the exterior, consider the modification tips outlined above. Go to a car detailing or window tint shops Springfield and upgrade your car’s exterior. It improves the appearance of any vehicle whether it’s a sedan, SUV, pickup truck, van, or RV.

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