How to get your kitchen appliances repaired?

Appliance repair is something that commercial kitchens and restaurants cannot really survive without. This is primarily because kitchen appliances in commercial kitchens tend to do a lot of hard work. This means that they are far more susceptible to going bad in comparison to other machinery. Furthermore, at times, the staff who is handling the commercial equipment also does not put in a lot of effort. Since these appliances are often kept unclean, their working efficiency gets disturbed. This, ultimately results in a shutdown that pauses the entire restaurant business, potentially resulting in a lot of loss.

Indeed, a broken refrigerator or an oven that is not working is a very scary situation for commercial restaurants. For instance, if a refrigerator shuts down, chances are that within a few hours, all the stock inside the fridge will go bad. Since commercial restaurants store a lot of stock, this will result in a loss that may equal to several thousand dollars.

So what should you do when an appliance goes bad?

In this article, we discuss the steps that you need to take whenever any one of your equipment turns bad. This way, you will be able to get your appliance up and running within no time.

Flipping the switch

This is literally the first thing that you need to do. By flipping the switch off, you must stop the appliance from receiving any voltage. This is because if it is not working and is still getting the current, chances are that its internal components will also get damaged.

So, the best practice is to avoid trying to run it and to turn its switches off. After turning off the smaller switches on the appliance, then move on to the major master switch and turn it off also.

Check cord

Now, it is time to check if the cord is okay or not. Chances are that your cord may be damaged, especially if the equipment is not starting at all. This is because it will not be receiving enough voltage or current to work.

However, before you start inspecting the cord, make sure that the equipment is powered off and master switch is plugged out. Otherwise, you may experience a lethal electric shock.

Clean filters

A big number of kitchen appliances feature a filter. These include dishwashers, ice makers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. In case the filter is dirty, your equipment can easily shut down. In fact, dirty filters are the leading cause of equipment shutdowns in a big number of commercial restaurants.

Give the equipment a shake

Sometimes, things as simple a slight shake to the equipment can get it working. Sometimes, buttons that are not working and incessant beeping are a sign of a bad sensor. This can be due to dust or insects that may have made their way inside. If stuff like this gets trapped inside, it can cause an equipment malfunction.

So, a good shake to the appliance can sometimes clear it off and hence, the appliance will start working again.

What if nothing works?

In case nothing seems to be working, then it is time for you to take help from a commercial appliance repair Alexandria company. After all, you’re probably not an expert who could figure out what is causing the issue if the above mentioned tips do not solve the problem. However, make sure that the company that you are calling is highly experienced and responsive. Technically, you should be able to solve the issue as quickly as possible, in order to prevent any downtimes in your restaurant business. Otherwise, you will suffer from a loss.

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