8 Best Bathroom Countertop Options

If you have decided to redecorate, renovate your bathroom or if you are making a new house with everything new then the question ‘which countertop is the best for the bathroom?’ will bother you. Your choice of a countertop for the bathroom is mainly for the reason that the counter makes your bathroom look bigger and brighter, not a crowded one. Before contacting countertop replacement companies, know that the counter you choose should be fully useful and should go with the size, shape, and color of your bathroom. But most people are confused about which counter will be the best for them and for that reason we are going to take you through a guide for bathroom countertops.

Qualities of Every Material That Can Be Used As Bathroom Countertop

Quartz Countertop

Quartz is made with natural particles along with a mixture of resin and pigmentation. It is not a natural stone rather a man-made one. When bought from a reliable quartz countertop dealer, quartz is very durable and versatile and is also less brittle. It is available in many colors and is a good option for a bathroom because of its flexibility. Quartz is a bit expensive but not very heat resistant, but heat is not an issue in the bathrooms.

Soapstone Countertop

Soapstone is like a combination of marble and slate countertops. It is easy to maintain like slate but its veining is similar to marble. It is non-porous which makes soapstone ideal for bathrooms. It looks a lot like slate but is a bit more expensive than slate.

Granite Countertop

Granite is one of the most popular options for countertops. Granite is something like marble but with less veining and better at heat resistance. However, granite counters in the bathroom require some maintenance periodically like sealing and refreshing. It lasts longer than many other materials and will look very classy in the bathroom. It will make the bathroom look bigger.

Marble Countertop

Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stone countertop options. It is difficult to find a marble designed according to your liking but it is easier to design your bathroom according to your marble. Like granite; marble also requires routine maintenance but it will stay in its shape for decades. Light-colored marble will give a fresh and wider look to your bathroom.

Glass Countertop

Glass countertops are trending nowadays because they look really classy and elegant especially when they have some sort of pattern or texture inside them. The crushed glass countertops are also in fashion. They are made by embedding the broken glass into acrylic and then shaping them into counters. These counters are stronger than many other materials but they are also costlier than the others.

Porcelain/Ceramic Tiles Countertop

Porcelain and ceramics are both one of the oldest options of bathroom countertops. They are still preferred today by those who want to give their bathroom a vintage look. Both of these things are affordable and also offer a variety of options. They are light weighted and easy to maintain. However, one drawback of tiles is that they can get broken or cracked very easily and because of that they have to be changed very often.

Slate Countertop

Slate is a very hard and very durable natural stone. It is a popular bathroom counter option, even more than granite and marble countertops. One reason for which it is popular is that slate doesn’t get stained very easily as compared to marble and granite. It offers limited color options but is affordable and has aesthetic texture. Slate is an ideal option if you want to give an earthy tone to your bathroom.

Laminate Countertop

Laminate countertops are the cheapest yet one of the good-looking countertop materials there are. It is not the best of all materials but it is not a bad choice either. Modern lamination successfully mimicked natural patterns and designs into the laminate. However, laminate countertops can break or chip with time because they are not durable. They are made and bonded with plastic and are easy to install and maintain.

All these bathroom counter options are one of the best there are. They are durable and make your bathroom look sophisticated and elegant when used in countertops. You can choose any of these counters according to your liking, your affordability and the color theme of your bathroom and bedroom. However, if you want the safest option, choose granite or quartz countertops Potomac. Hopefully, this guide will help you select the best countertop there is for your bathroom.

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