How To Clean A Commercial Deep Fryer

A deep fryer is designed to cook your everyday meals. Commercial deep fryers on the other hand in restaurants and fast-food outlets tend to cook thousands of food items a day. With time, the accumulation of oil and grease can reduce the efficiency and life of the unit. Therefore, let’s take advice from commercial appliances repair services about how you can clean a commercial deep fryer.

Unplug And Cool Down

The first step involves unplugging the deep fryer and allowing it to cool down. Make sure the supply of gas or electricity is turned off. If you have recently used it to cook meals, make sure that you give it enough time to cool down and do not try to clean it while it’s hot.

It is suggested that the deep fryer be allowed to cool for at least 2 hours. Once the deep fryer has cooled down, observe and mark the areas that have the most amount of oil and grease.

Remove The Items

Some items on your commercial deep fryer are removable. So, remove the items first and start with them. Removing the items also gives you a better reach into areas that are otherwise impossible to reach. Since the frying basket takes the most beating, you should clean it first. Do not hurry in the process. Take your time and ensure that every inch is cleaned.

Use a liquid soap that cleans the most stubborn oil and grease. Then move on to the other removed items. It might be that some items require an ample amount of hard work and time to clear the oil and grease. Therefore, you might have to repeat the appliance cleaning steps multiple times.

Clean The Deep Fryer

Once you have washed the removed items, move to the deep fryer itself. Use the soap to clean the edges and sides of the deep fryer. Work your way in a circular motion and soak with extremely hot water. Allow the water to rest for around 30 minutes.

Allowing the water to rest will remove stubborn oil and grease. Once the job is done, remove the water and dry the fryer using a cloth. At the same time, dry the removed items as well and install them into their position.

The Deep Fryer Boil-Out Method

The boil-out method is another way of cleaning your commercial deep fryer. The process involves boiling the water and using a special cleaning solution inside the fryer. However, you will need to first remove all the grease. Then, clean the drain line by using a frying cleaning rod. Rinse the fryer using hot water to remove any grease and oil that is leftover.

Then, fill the deep dryer with cool water around 4 inches from the top and add the solution to it. Boil the deep fryer for around 20 minutes and allow the solution to drain slowly. Once the solution has exited, use a long brush to scrub the fryer from inside and add fresh oil

How Often Should I Clean The Deep Fryer?

Cleaning the deep fryer depends on your usage. Since you are dealing with a commercial deep fryer, it is suggested that you at least wipe it at the end of the day. Wiping the deep fryer ensures that recent oil and grease particles do not stick to the unit.

If for some reason you are not able to wipe the fryer daily, you should hire a team that should deep clean it at least twice a week. As mentioned previously, a dirty deep fryer directly affects the quality of food and the last thing you would want is someone stepping inside your kitchen and finding a grease accumulated deep fryer.

Final Word

Cleaning the deep fryer is important when it comes to maintaining the food quality. If you were to clean it every day, you not only get to prolong its life but prevent the accumulation of oil and grease. This in the long run will reduce the amount of time and effort taken to take apart and clean everything in detail. Make sure to get services of deep fryer repair Alexandria technicians when you encounter an issue with the appliance to have it fixed as quickly as possible.

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