Air Conditioning Options For Old Homes Without Ductwork

When it comes to installing HVAC units, ductwork plays an important role. It helps distribute hot and cool air to different areas of the house. However, most old homes do not feature ductwork and considering the needs of today, air conditioning is a must and you may consider a ductless air conditioner.

The Main Problem

Back in the day, before the introduction of ductwork, homes around the world featured boilers and radiators in each room. There were other traditional distribution systems as well that did not require ductwork. In other words, old homes were mostly built with no ductwork in mind.

Installing ductwork is a daunting task. Not only does it require a huge amount of time and money but also tearing down the walls and altering your home’s architecture. Overall, it is a tough task that impacts the life, and sometimes, the value of your property as well.

Another major problem is that homes without ductwork do not have enough space to place the equipment itself. Since the properties are built without any ductwork planning, the available space tends to be less. As a result, homeowners look for options that are less expensive and disruptive.

High Velocity Systems

A high velocity system can be a perfect option for any home regardless of its age and construction. The best thing about these AC systems is that they are engineered to fit the existing framework and feature 2-inch flexible ducts, which means that there are no unsightly, big ducts.

In addition to that, these systems can be easily installed in basements, attics or even closets for that matter. With that being said, you do not have to alter the architecture of your home just to make space for an air conditioning unit.

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split air conditioning systems on the other hand are designed to cool one room at a time. Unlike the traditional HVAC systems with ductwork, the mini-split systems are installed to allow the homeowners to cool one area instead of the entire house.

As compared to the traditional central air systems, the mini-split systems do not require extensive ductwork to distribute chill air. In fact, you can easily install the inside components anywhere in the house where electricity is accessible. The mini-split ACs are a great option for additions and renovations including the addition of one or two rooms.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An AC Solution

The process of choosing the right HVAC option for your home includes several important factors to consider.

  1. The first thing you need to consider is the installation space. Determine whether you have enough space for the installation of a high velocity system and to run the ductwork throughout the house. Although these ducts are comparatively much smaller and easier to install, limited space can make the process a bit difficult.
  2. The next important factor that needs consideration is the installation cost. On average, the installation of a high velocity system will cost $20,000-$45,000. The cost entirely depends on the amount of work required for installation as well as the layout. Mini-splits in that respect allow you to focus one room at a time, which brings down the cost significantly.
  3. Finally, you have the option of installing a central system or modular. With a central system, you can control each room using a thermostat whereas with a modular air system allows you to have a separate zone for each room. Although setting up a mini-split system for each room can be convenient but a pain to manage as well.

Choose A Professional

Although installing mini-split and high-velocity systems as compared to the traditional HVAC units with ductwork is less tedious and expensive, you should always hire a professional for the job. An amateur will only ruin your walls and interior of the house, which is going to require additional efforts and expenses to repair. Therefore, interview multiple professionals and choose the one who understands your needs.

Final Word

As this blog reaches its conclusion, we have provided important things you should consider when choosing an air conditioning option for your old house. Make sure to discuss the situation with HVAC repair services Smithtown to find the best option for your home.

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