6 Common Rigging Problems And How To Fix Them

Rigging is not an easy task. Sometimes even the professionals make some mistakes that cost them later. The biggest concern in crane rigging is your safety as well as the team working with you. Therefore, if you are rigging loads, here are some important tips that you need to consider.

Crushing & Crashing

One of the biggest concerns at construction sites is crushing and crashing. Since there are heavy loads being lifted and shifted from one place to another, accidents in such cases can lead to fatalities. It is often that workers tend to stand directly below the shifting loads. This is very dangerous. Although the loads are secured using belts, you never know what could happen. Therefore, do not even come near anything that is above your waist level until it is set down.

Bent Or Damaged Chain Links

Chain links are designed to deal with heavy loads. Although they are engineered to be very tough and resilient, but over time, they can become vulnerable to cracks or any other type of damage. Therefore, it is important for inspectors to regularly check the chain links for any bents or damage. While inspecting the links, one should be wary of heat damage, friction damage and gouges.

Incompetent Inspectors

Site inspectors have only one job to do and that is inspect the construction site for any potential harm and ensure that it is safe for workers. However, sometimes, they work double shifts and wear out. This causes them to lose their focus and attention. Therefore, they tend to inspect the site within a few minutes and give it approval. This puts the entire time working on ground in grave danger.

To avoid such situations, site inspectors should give regular training and perform detailed wellness checks. In addition to that, they should make sure that the riggers meet the industry standards.

Unclear Weight Loads

Construction and rigging projects deal with heavy loads on a daily basis. It is important that every weight is calculated before being lifted or set down. Unfortunately, unclear weight loads are a common problem in construction projects. Weight loads need to include shackles, hook blocks and beams etc.

According to the industry standards, the weight of a load should be mentioned on it once calculated. Not mentioning the weight is illegal and puts everyone in serious danger.

Using Bad, Wrong Or Unfit Slings

Apart from the inspections and chain links, it is important that the team uses the right slings, protects the slings and even replaces them when needed. This is an extremely important measure of the rigging process, which should not be taken lightly.

The first rule of using the slings the right way is that all slings should be labeled with the Working load Limit. If a sling happens to have a label missing, it should be taken out of service, no questions asked. In addition to that, the slings should be made of proper materials as well such as polyester, nylon or similar materials. The reason is that such slings tend to be lightweight, non-abrasive and incredibly strong. However, they do have their limits as they happen to be sensitive to friction and heat.

Bad Morale

Believe it or not, morale has a fair amount of role to play in preventing mistakes. Employees who are not appreciated tend to take things lightly, which sometimes lead to severe consequences. Since construction projects are not easy to follow, the workers are expected to work overtime, which takes a toll on their mental and physical health. Therefore, efficiency and productivity is hardly achieved.

At the same time, the workers might forget to follow the standards and protocols leaving others exposed to danger. With that being said, it is equally important that workers be appreciated and provided some time to relax and re-energize to avoid consequences otherwise.

Final Word

Concluding, most of the common rigging problems are easily avoidable and relate to following the standards of the construction industry. It should be ensured that safety regulations are strictly followed and the workers are not pushed beyond their limits. Moreover, work with rigging companies MD which have years of experience to prove that there won’t be any mistakes happening at the site.

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