5 Reasons Why Quartz Countertops Are Right For Your Kitchen

Quartz is an amazing material for countertops, but this blog will give you more reasons to love quartz countertops Rockville and install them in your kitchen. Read more to find out why so many people love them.

Quartz Has A Variety Of Color Options

Unlike most kitchen countertop materials, which are not available in a lot of colors and variety, quartz sets the bar high. Quartz has a wide range of color selection, which means there is a color for everyone and every kitchen. You are never limited in the options of colors, when it comes to quartz.

From neutral colors, to dark colors, to bold colors, quartz has everything you can ever imagine in a perfect kitchen countertop. A lot of countertop materials are limited in the color and design range which makes it harder for people to narrow down to their favorite kind.

But quartz doesn’t disappoint and it always comes through with the greatest color selection possible.

Quartz Is Low Maintenance

Most stones are super high maintenance and people can’t help but feel that all they do every day is to take care of a precious natural stone. Well, quartz gives you a lot of flexibility in this regard as well. Quartz is a super low maintenance rock. It doesn’t require any special cleaners or way or cleaning, really. All you need is a microfiber cloth and a simple cleaning solution, which could be as simple as soap and water mixed together. Just swipe away and you are good to go.

People admire quartz countertops a lot because of thier low maintenance and easy care. Quartz doesn’t show a lot of dust on its surface either, because it is already muddy in color, so you can get away with it very easily.

It Is Less Expensive Than Granite

Most loved countertop materials are natural stones, which means that they are mined from under the earth and they are almost precious. They are carefully mined with explosives and careful mining. The blocks are then shipped in the form of quarries and sent to other countries where they are formed into slabs in different factories.

Some of the most expensive stones which are used for kitchen countertops are granite, soapstone, marble and concrete reinforced with cement. They range from anywhere between $80 to $120 a slab. This can add up a lot, especially if you don’t have an allocated budget for your countertop.

Quartz is one of the most reasonable materials which is within the budget of normal people. It has the look and feel of an expensive material but it is well within the budget. It is also a very durable countertop material as well. So, it is a good idea to invest in quartz if you want a reasonable price and great specifications.

It Is As Durable As Granite

As mentioned above, quartz is a very strong material. It has just as high durability as granite or any other expensive stone. So, isn’t it better to invest in quartz which will be lighter on your budget, but will give you the same durability and strength as granite?

Granite is considered to be a very strong countertop material and it lasts for ages if you maintain it properly. Well, quartz is a huge game changer and a good competition for granite. It has given granite a run for its money.

Quartz Is Non-Porous

All natural stones are porous. Because they are non-treated and mined from under the earth. Most natural stones have to be treated with varnish or sealants to make them water resistant. Quartz, on the other hand, is a highly non-porous material, which makes it naturally water resistant and it doesn’t become a hotspot for bacteria to thrive. Natural stones like granite, unless they are sealed, are a hotspot for bacteria, because the surface is exposed to all kinds of things, like water, dust, bacteria, etc. Quartz prevents this from happening because of its unique composition.

There you go! Who knew quartz would be such a loved material for countertops by a lot of people. These reasons should be enough to convince you to install quartz in your kitchen. Find a quartz countertop contractor Rockville to see different quartz designs and colors.

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