Should You Build An Addition Or Buy A New Home

Many homeowners are confused when making a decision between building home addition and buying a new house. They need to make a choice between these two decisions usually when the family outgrows the available livable space in the house.

For example, if your kids are growing, or your parents are moving into your house, you might have to choose between adding a new room to your house, or buying a new house with more rooms in it.

Since both of these are expensive options, choosing one of them can be a daunting task. So, in this article, we will provide you with some valuable points you should consider before making the decision between building an addition and buying a new house.

Know The Importance Of Your Location

Moving to a new house is way more than just packing all of your furniture and hiring a moving company. This can also impact various other areas of your life.

For example, if your current house is near a market, or near transit, you have easy access to the most needed amenities in your current location. If you are getting a good deal on a bigger house half a mile away, moving to that house might require you to invest in a car as well in order to reach the marketplace or transit. If that is not your preferred lifestyle, you are better off investing in your current house then buying the larger house.

Additionally, if you are forced to move into a new district in order to buy a larger house you can afford, you might actually have to pull your children out of their current school, and get them admitted in the new school near your potential future house. So, if you are not comfortable doing that, you should invest in your current house instead of buying a new, larger house.

Gauge The Importance Of Your Outdoor Space

If you decide to add extra square footage to your existing house, you will have to take that extra square footage from your backyard. So, if you have plenty of empty space available in your backyard, you might have no issues in taking some space from it and adding another room to your house. But if you have a small backyard, and your family loves to spend their extra time in that place, you might not want to cut a lot of space from that backyard to use in your home addition project. In this scenario, you will have to invest in a larger house with more indoor and outdoor space.

How Will A Renovation Project Affect Your Daily Routine?

Doing a home addition project can take some time, and it can affect daily routines of your family members as well. Moving into a new house can be a hassle as well, but you can always hire a moving company to help you wrap up this process quickly.

So, sit down with your contractor and ask them for a time frame for the home renovation project. Once you have the rough time estimate, you can easily see if you can bear the disruption caused by the construction process throughout the length of the project.

If you cannot stand the disruption caused by a construction project going on in your house, moving into a larger house might be the better option for you.

Consider The ROI Of Renovation

Your home is a big investment, and so, any more space you are planning to add to your house should also be considered as an investment. That is why, before starting any type of renovation project, see if it is a good investment or not.

If you are living in an area full of schools, hospitals, and other amenities, then adding up to your existing house can prove to be a great investment. That is because larger houses can easily attract families when you are looking to sell your house. Until then, you can enjoy the additional square footage added to your house by the renovation project.


These were some of the most important points you should consider before choosing between home renovation and buying a new and larger house. Moreover, choose reliable architects builders DC for your home addition project.

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