Will Tape In Extensions Ruin Your Hair

Tape-in hair extensions are very popular and they are known to be super long-lasting. But if you get these hair extensions in salon, do they ruin and damage your hair? Here is everything you need to know.

Tugging And Pulling

Tape-in hair extensions are taped in your hair with a small adhesive segment on the top of the hair strand. This tape is strong and heavy duty and it sits tight and snugs on your scalp. Although this type of hair extension is the most long-lasting one, it can still damage your hair if you try to move it around too much.

You can’t tug or pull on your hair a lot with these extensions in because it might rip off the adhesive and it can lead to a lot of hair damage and breakage. It’s better to brush the strands gently and get rid of tangles without disturbing the extensions.

The Tape Can Be Irritating

The tape is non-reactive for the most part, but there might be people with sensitive scalps whose skin can be irritated with the tape. It’s better to consult with your hair specialist and put all of your concerns on the table.

From there, your hair specialist can do a patch test on your head to see if the scalp will be further irritated with the glue. If the glue does irritate your scalp, then you can go for a different hair extension type, because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ripping Of The Hair

The glue on the tape-in hair extensions is no joke. It’s very strong and one rip can make your hair fall. It’s better not to touch the extensions too much, once they are in place. When you are brushing your hair, make sure to be very careful around the scalp, where the extensions are taped in.

Lightly run the brush over the strands to get rid of tangles and knots, otherwise, you will be pulling out clumps of your hair, which is not what you’re going for. The tape is very similar to a wax strip. One harsh pull and everything will come off.

Get Them Removed Professionally

If you want to remove tape-in hair extensions, then try not to do this at home. Go to a salon and get them removed by a specialist because this is going to lead to a lot less breakage.

At the salon, the specialist will use a tape dissolving solution to make the tape lose its adhesiveness. This will pry off the extensions like butter and there will be no breakage or damage.

Afterward, your scalp will be treated with a smoothing and conditioning mask, because the tape-removing solution can lead to a lot of dryness in your scalp.

Some Caring Tips For Tape-In Hair Extensions

Here are some caring and maintenance tips for your tape-in hair extensions.

  • Don’t shampoo your scalp when washing your hair. You want to keep the extensions and the tape dry. Water can loosen the tape holding the extensions in place and this will ruin the whole application.
  • Use a loop brush when brushing your hair. The loop brush doesn’t have traditional hair brush bristles, rather it has small loops through which the hair can glide easily without getting caught in the brush. This will not tug on the extensions and make them last longer.
  • Avoid applying oil or any sort of product on your extensions, especially close to the scalp where the adhesive is. The product will reduce the strength of the adhesive and it will make the extensions lose, making them fall out eventually.
  • Try to let your hair loose as much as you can. Tight hairstyles will put a lot of strain on your hair and it can lead to breakage, because of the extensions being pulled. So, tight and high ponytails, neat buns and snuggly twisted hairstyles are a no go for hair that has tape-in extensions.

There you have it! Tape-in hair extensions are great and all, but they can also lead to a degree of damage to your hair if you don’t look after them properly. Get them applied from salons that do hair extensions Potomac and follow the advice of your hairstylist to prevent hair damage.

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