Furnace Is Not Kicking On When The Temperature Drops

It is often that furnaces unexpectedly run into some problems. Even if you perform heating service repair regulalry, there are chances that something could go wrong. However, in such cases, it is usually a simple fix. Regardless, we are going to talk about some common problems along with their solutions to help you get your furnace running in no time.

Issue With The Thermostat

Although thermostat issues are fairly common among furnaces, they are somehow most likely to be neglected. Since the thermostat is an easy fix, most people assume that the issue must be something complicated. But that should not be the case. Even if the thermostat is a minor component as compared to the rest inside a furnace it serves as the brain of the unit.

It is the thermostat on your furnace that keeps track of the temperature and informs the furnace to kick in when the home’s temperature drops. That said, if the thermostat happens to be at fault, you cannot expect the furnace to kick in when you need it the most.

Therefore, in this case, you must check the batteries. Worn-out batteries won’t allow the thermostat to properly run. But if that is not the case, you will need to calibrate the thermostat.

Issue With The Gas Line

The second factor contributing to your furnace not kicking in is the issue with the gas line. Furnaces need a sufficient amount of gas supply to produce heat. If the gas supply is not sufficient, the furnace will simply fail to turn on. You can try checking the shut-off valve, which is usually located outside.

Furthermore, you can also try turning on the stove to see if the gas supply is sufficient. If the stove happens to be working fine, it means the gas leading to the furnace is being diverted elsewhere or is leaking. In this case, you will need to consult an expert immediately and get the issue fixed as leaking gas can cause a house fire.

The Furnace Is Faulty

If you find there are no issues with the thermostat and the gas line seems to be perfect as well, it might be a problem with the furnace itself. You should check the switch inside the furnace, someone might have accidentally switched it off. Keep in mind that a furnace requires electricity to run.

Therefore, if the switch is turned on, it won’t receive any power. At the same time, you should check the power with the furnace and see if the circuit breaker is tripped. If it is tripped, you should make sure to turn it back on. However, if you notice that it trips continuously, you should call an HVAC professional immediately.

Airflow Restriction

Another way of troubleshooting a furnace that is not turning on is by checking if the airflow is right. In some cases, homeowners find that the airflow in some areas of the house is perfectly fine but in others, there is no heat at all. This case calls for checking the air filters as something might be restricting the airflow.

Make sure to clean or replace the air filter. Consult the user’s manual and go through the maintenance recommendations. Every manufacturer recommends cleaning or replacing air filters after a certain period of time.

Moreover, it could also be that something is blocking the air ducts and ductwork. During the off-season, birds and other creatures take accommodation inside furnaces, which could block the airflow. You should prevent this by cleaning it regularly and sealing any gaps using duct tape.

Faulty Ignition Sensor

The pilot light or ignition sensor issue is one of the most common problems among gas and oil furnaces. If you hear the furnace, click but it does not fire up, there could be a problem with either the ignition sensor or the pilot light.

However, these components are relatively easy to fix. You can also try replacing them on your own if you have the basic knowledge and the right tools. But if you are not familiar with the know-how of furnaces, you might want to call in a professional.

Final Word

To sum up, the above-mentioned problems are the most common if your furnace fails to turn on. Make sure that you keep these factors in mind, along with the solutions to keep yourself shivering when the temperature outside is below zero. For quick fixes, get help from furnace repair services ronkonkoma.

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