Is A Backyard Wedding Tacky

If you are a fan of outdoor events, then an outdoor wedding will be your dream come true. Your backyard may sound like a good idea to host a wedding, but how can you make it look less tacky and more beautiful and whimsical? Tip: You need to work with wedding party rentals to make it possible. Keep on reading to find out more tips.

A Clean Backyard

A wedding will definitely not look good in a dirty, dusty, and leaf-covered backyard. So, before you start with the decorating, make sure that you are sweeping down all of the dirt from your backyard. You want it to look clean and spotless like a real wedding chapel. Try to make cleaning a priority if you don’t want your wedding to look like it stepped out of a hurricane and windstorm.

Go For Wedding Tents

If you want to have a more intimate wedding in your backyard then you can go for wedding tents. They not only make the wedding look more put together, but the tents will also act as a shield from the scorching sun. Tents can be of any shape or size, but try to go for something which doesn’t close off the wedding. You don’t want the tent to look like a box. The right color also makes all of the difference. Go for light and welcoming tent colors which match the general theme of your wedding.

Dress Up The Backyard

Now comes the fun part. Decorate! This is the time to pull off all of the creativity you are feeling in your mind. You can take inspiration from a lot of websites and images and you can come up with the perfect décor for your wedding. Since you are saving a ton of money from not getting a venue for the wedding, you can splurge a little extra on the décor. Try to go for floral decoration, nice floors, and drapes. This is going to make your wedding look whimsical and magical and the pictures will be the evidence.

The Right Lights For The Event

The next important thing for a backyard wedding is the lights. Having the right lights will make the wedding look so beautiful and the pictures will be amazing too. Try to have a bunch of twinkling and fairy lights as they are delicate and they look amazing in pictures. Go for warmer lights as they make the features of the decorations look blurred and beautiful and the nice hazy glow it gives is just surreal. You will love the results of these small lights and you will want them at every single event you do from then on.

Having All Necessary Arrangements

It’s necessary to have all of the things which are important at a wedding-ready to go. Have a chapel made if there isn’t one already. Make sure you have bathrooms for the guests outside the backyard. This can be easily arranged by decorators and event planners. You will need a nice catering set up and food set up. You will need a centerpiece for the cake and a dance floor for the couple to dance the night away. These small arrangements can easily slip through the cracks and they are important to remember.

Add Personal Touches

Last but not least, you need to add some personal touches to your wedding. This will make your wedding look different from all the others. Having a personalized wedding entry welcome, gift boxes and special favors for the guests is a nice gesture and people will remember that. You can also have a personal photo booth where you and your guests can take pictures. Telling your friends and family about the story of you and your spouse meeting before the wedding is a great way to make this beautiful day even more memorable. These things will make a huge difference.


There you have it! You can easily have a backyard wedding while saving a ton of money and not having to make it look cheap and tacky if you make the right choices and follow the recommendations of wedding tent rentals Rockland NY. These tips will make your wedding look more beautiful and magical and no one will even notice that it’s in a backyard.

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