Importance of Wedding Chair Rentals


Wedding chair rentals have a very prominent role to play in your big day. Your guests need some arrangements to sit and relax when necessary during the ceremony as well as the reception. The type of chairs selected for the wedding function can play a great role in deciding the overall decor and aesthetics of the big day.

Things to know about wedding chair rentals

It is natural that when so many important things like food, flowers, attire, etc are there to take care of, one may not give much importance to wedding chairs or one may be under the presumption that chairs will be available in the hall or will be provided by the state rentals.   But if one can understand that the chairs will be coming in lots of wedding photos he will be interested in providing hundreds of chairs according to the size of the guests participating in the function.    You need to invest only in a few special chairs needed for the sweetheart table and the rest of chairs need be very simple and according to the financial condition of the wedding organizers. Now let us take a look at the most.

Cane back chair

Trademark of this old model chair is caned back. It is typically woven from the strands of grass in dried condition, bamboo, palms etc. Cane back chairs were very popular during the French colonial era. At present these types of chairs are most liked by couples who plan to evoke old wedding aesthetic and such parties often choose a neutral palette with velvet, satin cushions and linen.

Infinity chair

Infinity chairs are also known as phoenix chairs. It has an oval back and two overlapping circles creating loops inspired style. The overall effect is that of infinity not able to tell where a circle begins or comes to an end. These types of wedding chairs are very suitable for ultra-chic-celebration. While, black, gold, clear acrylic etc are some of the common colors in which infinity chairs are commonly found.

Chliavari chair

These chairs are made of faux bamboo and is one of the most popular types of wedding chairs.     They are often found in neutral tones, natural wood tone, or metallic tone.  Some rental companies also offer pastel colors, bright colors and different transparent of colors. These chairs are often used for traditional weddings and for formal events. These chairs can be used bare or can be dressed up with linen covers.

Chameleon chairs

These chairs are often not recognized as they always appear draped in fabrics or some other disguise. That is the reason for the peculiar name.  The metal frames are often customized with elegant cushions, decorative slip covers or stylish slashes. Thos who like contemporary look keeps them bare.

Ghost chair

These chairs are made of acrylic or Lucite.  They are well known for their ability to provide clear finish with minimalist sleek effects. They also come in opaque black, blue, green, pink, orange and translucent grey colors

Folding lawn chair

This is a very popular wedding chair which ais foldable and can be left alone or can be dressed up with the help of aisle markers or other adornments. For couples who prefer sophistication this is more suitable and it is often used in informal wedding.

Cross back chairs

They are embodiments of rustic elegance. These types of chairs are more suitable for farms, vineyards, gardens, barn venues etc. This design is Tuscan-inspired and uses natural wood finish with X on their back.

Bentwood cafe chairs

Bentwood cafe chairs can bring a touch of Parsian flair in your ceremony. These chairs were originally used during 1800s when the famous chair maker Michal Thonet was alive.     They are very suitable for weddings that are set in museum or restaurant or swanky loft.

Louis XVI chair

King Louis XVI like his wife was known for indulgent taste. This types of chairs are famous for its oval back neoclassical design featuring typical upholstery in soft velvet or natural linen. This chairs are unavoidable for weddings that are taking place at gardens, elegant estates, historic mansions etc.

Marais chair

Those who likes to give an industrial taste for e their wedding often prefer Marais chairs. They also feel contemporary feel as they are cool and streamlined with furniture and often found in metallic silver, grey, bronze and rose gold finishes  and are available in a variety of  heights.

Most of these chairs are often available with well known party tent rentals DC. You only need to explain your dreams and plans about the manner in which the celebration has to be arranged. They will do all the things needed for it and for making it a wonderful success.

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