6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering To Cut Down A Tree

Why do people cut down trees? This question may have many answers as different people will have different reasons for cutting down a tree with the help of tree removal services. Some will have valid reasons while some will have invalid reasons. If you are a tree lover and love growing trees on your property then you may face difficulty in cutting down your own trees.

Dead, old and sick trees are dangerous for you, your family and pose threat to your property. They should be cut down immediately. But what about healthy trees? Sometimes certain situations arise that you may need to cut down healthy trees as well. Before you consider cutting down a tree, you need to ask yourselves some questions.

Is the tree posing a dangerous threat?

If a tree is dead or sick and might fall down any time then it is a serious threat to you, your family, your property, and also the nearby areas. The tree fall could result in drastic issues and damage and loss of property and even lives. So, if the tree is leaning to one side or showing signs of being sick and old the it is best to get it cut ASAP.

Is the tree causing structural damage?

Sometimes the roots of the tree grow in an awkward direction which may cause disturbance in the drainage patterns and create obstructions. This may also cause a reduction in supply of water in your homes and yards. If you just cut down the roots then it will cause a lot of damage to your trees so it is not possible to cut down the roots only. In this case it is better to part ways with your tree.

Is the tree causing problems for your neighbors?

In certain cases, the tree grows too big that it comes in contact with your neighbor’s houses. For instance, the tree has grown so much that its branches are hanging at your neighbors’ roof and all the twigs, leaves and other debris might fall in the neighbor’s yard and garden. Also, fruits growing on the tree also might fall in your neighbor’s house causing a mess in their house. All this will create problems between you and your neighbors and this does not seem good so it is better to chop down the tree.

What is the total cost of tree removal? Is it affordable?

The cost of tree removal also depends on whether you should remove the tree or let the tree stay in its place. You should get quotes for tree removal from different tree removal companies. Every company will charge differently depending on how difficult it is for the tree removal, their expertise and experience and their name in the market and the urgency of the situation. If the tree needs immediate removal due to some problems then you will have to remove it regardless of the cost but when there is no urgency then you can see if the cost is affordable for you or not.

Is the place becoming hard to use?

If there is a chance that the tree removal will cause you to utilize the space which was previously taken by the tree, more efficiently then you should opt for tree removal. But before that plan out what you want to use the space for, whether the space can be utilized and constructed along with the tree or not. Weigh the pros against the cons of cutting down the tree and utilizing it for something else.

Does the tree hold emotional value in your heart?

Sometimes a tree denotes emotional value and importance and is planted on an occasion such as a milestone, a success story or something close to your heart. It may be the birth of your child, a death of a loved one, planted by your parent who has passed away or something else. This kind of attachment will not let you cut down the tree no matter how old.

After you have decided to remove the tree, you should look for a good tree cutting service Bethesda which can carry this out without creating too much mess for you and your neighbors. So, choose wisely.

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