What Is A Telescopic Handler Crane? What Are Its Uses?

Mobile cranes are of different types and are employed for a multitude of purposes. A popular type of mobile cranes is a telescopic handler. You can buy it from reliable brands or rent from small crane rentals. Learn more about telescopic handlers.

What Are Telescopic Handlers?

A telescopic handler crane is a multiple-purpose machine used in many industries for carrying out various tasks related to moving and shifting loads. It is also known as a telehandler, zoom boom, lull, and reach forklift.

A telehandler has a boom that can move in a forward and upward motion. The versatility of telescopic handlers is that you can attach different accessories at the end of the boom depending on the job like a bucket, basket, winch, or fork.

They are mobile and have large tires for moving anywhere on the job site without problems. The crane is a 4-wheel drive and also has 4-wheel steering.

When it comes to the size, the variations are a lot. You can choose from a 4 meters telehandler for smaller tasks to a 46m telescopic handler to carry out heavier tasks. Because as the size increases, so does the lifting capacity of the machine.

Attachments For Telescopic Handler Cranes

The variety of attachments you can choose for telehandlers is one of their attractive aspects.

  • Pallet Fork: They are also called forklift carriages as they perform the same job as forks do on a forklift. Once attached to a telehandler, you can use them to lift and move loads like raw materials, piping, and others.
  • Crane Jib: You can use your telescopic handler as a crane by attaching a crane jib to its boom. Usually, forklifts are used to carry materials, but they aren’t effective, attach a crane jib to a telehandler and make it your crane or forklift.
  • Bucket: When you’re dealing with loose materials such as sand or gravel, you require a bucket as an attachment on the telehandler. This is the most common attachment seen in jobs related to agriculture.
  • Work Cage: They work as platforms. People can stand on it and the telehandler can lift them to any height.

Uses Of Telescopic Handler Cranes

Material Handling

A common use of telescopic handlers is carrying and moving loads. It can move without problems on any terrain and the jib enables it to move loads to the correct location even when there are obstacles in front of it. The work is done quickly and efficiently and they are the favorite of many workers in various job sites.

Doing Elevated Tasks

When the correct attachment is used, you can use a telehandler to lift people for working at heights safely. They are used commonly by arborists. Moreover, the boom can reach certain levels of heights easily allowing you to deliver tools and materials to various heights without much effort.

Telehandlers are employed by maintenance and repair services as well for reaching and working at heights safely. The non-slip floor and the railing of the platform attached to the telehandler ensure the safety of the people.

Removing Snow

Removing snow is a difficult task in winter. However, using telehandlers, you can plow snow fairly easily.

All-Purpose Crane For Construction Sites

Moreover, they are used in construction sites to safely reach heights avoiding obstacles. They are also used for clearing the job site for starting or after finishing a job in construction projects. For this purpose, workers use the boom or bucket attachment to remove all kinds of obstacles and debris from the job site.

Use In Recycling Centers

Another industry that takes advantage of the flexibility of telescopic handlers is the sanitation and recycling industry. Buckets are used with the telehandler for various tasks.

Benefits Of Telehandlers

  • Various attachments for different tasks add to the flexibility of the machine.
  • Telehandlers can work in any environment. They work on smooth terrain the same as on rough terrains.
  • The range of motion of telehandlers is better compared to similar lifting tools like a forklift.

Telescopic handlers are one of the most versatile cranes and they are used in hundreds of industries in one way or other. If you’re carrying out a job that requires cranes for moving and lifting loads, chances are that the first crane you rent for crane services VA will be a telehandler.

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