Pros And Cons Of Brazilian Blowout

People often have grave concerns regarding their not-so-straight and not-so-silky hair. They look around for solutions that can fix their hair problems once and for all. If you are a person struggling with hair problems of this sort, you must be rooting about for a reliable solution, no? Brazilian blowout works wonders for hair that need to be straightened and smoothened as praised by many Brazilian keratin salons. Here is what you need to know before opting for it.

Pros of Brazilian Blowout

Tired Of Your Curls? Nothing to Worry About

Brazilian blowout originated in Brazil because most of their populace have got curly hair. Not that curly hair aren’t seducing, it’s just that opposite attracts. People often crave for a change — that’s human nature. Brazilian blowout allows people to experience this tremendous change in their otherwise curly hairstyle.

Brazilian blowout tends to quintessentially straighten curly hair. For a short span, you can do away with your curls.

Give Your Hair a New Life

Your hair also need a new life. When your hair get damaged, they need a redemption. Because of certain factors, your hair lose their ethos, they start looking rough and rugged. There, you got to revamp them through a treatment like Brazilian Blowout, which might also strengthen your hair. Get rid of kinky, frizzy, twisted and damaged hair via this treatment.

Be Care-Free Right After Leaving The Salon

The best thing about Brazilian Blowout is, it does not require any after-care, and this is what sets it apart from other hair treatments. The moment you step out of the salon, you are at liberty to roam around flaunting your hair everywhere. There is nothing that you need to sweat over. Most importantly, you don’t need to wait for a couple of hours to wash your hair; you can wash them right away.


Brazilian blowout gets done in 80 minutes, to be exact. It doesn’t take 2-4 hours. Time is the most precious thing that you need to spend wisely, and Brazilian blowout saves you a lot of time.

Get Frizz-Free Smooth Hair for 12-16 Weeks at No Risk

The treatment gives you straight and silky hair for 3 to 4 months, and then your hair revert to their natural mode. When your curls are back, no sign of damage is likely to appear. Brazilian blowout does not tend to harm the nature of your hair. The temporary change your hair experience does not pose any threat to the essence of your hair.

No Room for the Redo’s

When you get done with the process, you leave no chance for a redo. The chemical that is inculcated in your hair gets washed immediately, and the only takeaway is gorgeous, straight and silky hair.  Since there’s nothing to be careful for, no redo’s are required.

Flaunt Your Shiny and Radiant Hair

Everyone on earth likes to have glossy hair that they can boast about. Brazilian blowout is not just an alternate for straightener, it gives you polished and lustrous hair too. For 3 long months, you can embrace your shiny locks every place ever.

Shampoo Your Hair As Many Times As You Want

You are not restricted to scale down on shampooing your hair. You have the freedom to wash your hair as often as you like.

Cons of Brazilian Blowout

Excessive Quantity of Chemicals Can Damage Your Hair

Less is always more. An unjust increase of anything can make it worse. There’s a solution that gets applied to your hair during the process; if the quantity of any of these chemicals increases to an indecent extent, it can have severe results.

Hair Should Be Moderately Ironed

Excessive ironing can spoil the things so, beware! Give your hair as much heat as they can absorb. Tell your stylist not to go overboard while ironing your hair. Some Brazilian blowout fans leave their hair a bit wavy; complete straightening is not the only option Brazilian blowout customers have.

Formaldehyde Is Banned In Some Countries

In Europe and Canada, formaldehyde, which happens to be the main chemical used in Brazilian blowout solution, has been banned. Some alternate chemicals are being used but they might or might not be able to provide the exact same result. You need to ask your Brazilian blowout salon Rockville whether you are getting a treatment with formaldehyde or without formaldehyde.

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