How To Make Your Heating System Energy Efficient

Making your heating system energy efficient is not a complicated task. Through making some adjustments, you shall be able to make it utilize less amount of energy. In addition to that, you will not have to temper anything but instead only follow these tips from HVAC companies.

Using Tankless Heaters

Heating and cooling brands have brought in products that are more energy efficient than they have ever been in the past, however, if you are thinking about the absolute efficiency your home heater could provide, you should be considering as to how constantly you use your hot water boiler. If you happen to use it frequently, then it is important to design and plan for a proper system of hot water. Tankless water heaters only provide hot water when you actually need it, otherwise they remain turned off while not being in use. In addition to that, they also do not cause energy loss while in standby, which is a common system in traditional water heaters. Such type of heating system will allow you to store hot water in your tank without waiting for the tank to fill up.

Replacing Your Old HVAC

If you happen to be using old HVAC in your house, it can significantly reduce heating and cooling in your house as much as to about 60%. Getting your old HVAC repaired or replaced can actually improve the heating efficiency, without having to do anything significant to the central heating system. Today HVAC systems happen to be 95%-95% efficient. If you cannot afford a new HVAC, call your plumber to repair your boiler and thoroughly clean the filters.

Sealing Up Air Leakages in Your Home

Whether you have gas furnace or electric boiler, it is very important for your heating system to work efficiently if leakages are not occurring in your house. If there happens to be any, you should get the fixed right away. Both sealing and insulating homes is one of the most efficient ways to make your heating systems work more efficiently. You will not be requiring the services of a heating professional in such matter, instead you could hire a heating specialist who could help you out with any leakages in the house. Some of the most common places whereas leakages occur are as follows:

  • Mail outlets
  • Fireplace dampers
  • Air condition spaces on the wall or windows
  • Window frames and baseboards

Moreover, most of the homes have single-pane windows installed. This allows the heat to enter and you will need to turn the AC on during the day, resulting in greater energy consumption. However, if you happen to install double-pane windows, they are heat resistant and will not allow warm air to leave the room or house during the winter season.

Using Smart Meters and Hive Active Heating

Using both smart meters and hive active heating could make your heating system more energy efficient as you only need hot water and heating when required. This way, you will be able to determine where energy is being utilized the most and how much it is costing you as well. In an 8-hour time frame, you could save at least 2% for each degree your thermostat gets reduced. In other words, this simply means that by reducing the thermostat from 75 F to 70 F, it can significantly increase your house’s energy efficiency without having any effect on the central heating system.

Power Flush Your Home Central Heating System

Power flush is a process that can be carried out on your central heating system, allowing you to be sure that your system is running both cost effectively and efficiently. The cleanup process is going to allow full circulation of the heating system in addition to allowing hot water to pass through the pipes, radiators and boilers easily.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

You should be viewing professional maintenance of your heating system as an investment and not an expense. A professional is given the job to thoroughly check the system and notify you if something does not seem right. He shall also make sure that your system is running at full efficiency. He/she will be able to observe and suggest any repairs that might be needed such as holes or leakages in the air ducts. Heat escaping through such holes will result in the furnace to work harder thus raising energy bills. Therefore, schedule professional maintenance to get your heat pump repair McLean done in time before it leads to more expensive repairs.

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