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Spring is on its way after an eternity of freezing winters. It is indeed the time of the year with flowers blossoming and leaves sprouting and people sneezing. The last part may sound odd to some but very relatable to those suffering from pollen allergies. If this time of the year seems like a nightmare to you and you have not already figured out what it is then to get yourself an Allergy physician. By the time its summer, the high pollen counts result in grass allergies for others. When it’s time for the fall season the weed pollen becomes abundant causing allergies to some.

Powerful home remedies to soothe your allergies

Almost everyone is allergic to something all year round and it’s not just related to the changing seasons. Therefore we compiled a list of helpful home remedies to soothe your pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a powerful ingredient in boosting your immune system. It encourages the growth of the probiotics that are the friendlier types of bacteria in the gut area. Seasonal allergies lower your mineral levels of magnesium and potassium and therefore ACV helps overcome these deficiencies. All in all, ACV works like a charm in soothing the lungs, the bronchial walls and breaking down of phlegm. Ancient Chinese medicine also happens to agree with this remedy. It believes that allergies are directly related to problems in the and the intestines. Once you fix those you can remedy all the seasonal allergies.

Probiotics (the good bacteria)

Probiotics play an important role in improving gut strength and the immune system. The production of probiotics lowers down in the digestive system allowing the bad bacteria to dominate and intoxicate your body. These bacteria release a powerful and extremely harmful bud into the bloodstream. This leaves the body vulnerable to severe threat. Some health experts might even believe that all allergies are a result of a weakened immune system. This theory is still under research.

Essential Fatty Acids

EFAs can fight more than just inflammatory diseases. They can be used to treat allergens as well. According to a German study, patients who consumed an Omega 3 rich diet were far less likely to get allergic reactions and the symptoms would be a lot less severe compared to those who didn’t. A Swedish study also published that kids who had a high intake of fish before the age of one had a much lower probability of suffering through allergies by the time they reached four years of age.


Honey is known to have many health benefits. It is believed that consuming locally produced honey builds up immunity against the pollen that is likely to be found in the atmosphere of your local area. Perhaps this may not be as credible of remedies. According to a few health experts, this theory is as false as it can be. However, the results say otherwise. The symptoms were seen to improve after consumption of 1 spoon of authentic local honey daily.

Hot Peppers

Hot chilli peppers, hot mustard, horseradish and even chilli powder are some of the most powerful natural decongestants and sinus clearers. Cayenne pepper is, however, the best option and works like magic in clearing out any respiratory problems. It has a strong role in improving the immune system and is quite beneficial for your heart. It comes in a capsule form and the powder form so you can use it ease. You must be careful as these peppers are hot.


Try out these home remedies to minimize the symptoms of your allergies. Also in the case where you think the situation has gotten out of control make sure you find allergy doctor Manassas for consultation.






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