How To Fix Common Ice Cream Freezer Problems

There are several issues which you can notice with your ice cream maker. Some of these issues are too simple and can be fixed at home without any special assistance. Below are the most common ice cream freezer repairs you can do yourself.

Freezer Making Strange Noises

One of the most common issues the commercial ice cream freezer can have is the noise problem. It must be noted that not all freezers make the same noise. The appliance repair experts argue that the real culprit in case of noise is the evaporator fan motor. There can be different types of noises. However, fixing the evaporator fan motor will solve the problem. In the worst scenario, you may have to replace the motor if the issue persists despite all fixes and solutions.

Frost Build-Up in The Freezer

Another problem with the ice cream freezer can be the frost build-up. There are a number of reasons for the frost. Most common of these is that the freezer may have been left open for a long time. The doors may not be closed well which is another reason. The temperature can be set to too low which also causes frost build-up in your freezer. In this case, the defrost heater should be checked and repaired for the possible issue. It may also need to be replaced.

Water Leaking Issue

You will also come across water leaking issues with the ice cream freezer. It is a normal issue which occurs when there is frost build-up. But before this, you need to make sure the water leaking is occurring. Sometimes, there can be water near the freezer as some spills it. It may also be due to ice cubes. However, when the issue is real, the defrost drain needs to be inspected. Fixing it will resolve the water leaking problem.

The Freezer Will Not Run

Many of you could have encountered this issue when the freezer would not turn on or run. There can be many factors responsible for this. Make sure the electrical connections are fine. The cables should be checked to ensure they do not have any issues. Sometimes, the switch can also have a problem. In whatever case, you need to fix these problems before going further.

Temperature Is Too Warm

It is another problem which many people have reported when it comes to the ice cream freezer. There are several factors which are important to consider here. Sometimes, the temperature is not set correct. Overstuffing or filling the freezer to extreme can also cause warm temperature issues. Right placement of the products within the freezer is also critical here. Make sure all things are fine. If these are not the problems, it can possibly be due to temperature monitoring devices.

Freezer Burns the Food

In addition to the issues discussed above, there are few more which also need to be explained here. You can have food burning issues in the freezer. It must be understood that the food burning problem is not due to the freezer itself. It occurs when the food is packaged wrong. The food may also be expired. It could have been rotten before you placed it in the freezer. Therefore, you should be careful in this regard.

Bad Tasting in Ice Maker

This is one of the most irritating issues you will ever face with the freezer. If the ice cream or the water in the freezer tastes bad, you need to know the reasons. Firstly, it can occur if the water you get is contaminated. When the water is not clean, smell is an obvious outcome. Secondly, it can be due to the stale ice which has been stored in the freezer for too long. Lastly, the water filter of your freezer can be dirty. It must be cleaned or replaced.

Freezer Is Too Cold

Finally, we have another issue which is the freezer being too cold. Experts believe it is similar to the frost build-up problem which occurs for various reasons that are discussed above. However, you need to make sure the temperature is not too low. The freezer should be set to the normal temperature for proper functioning and avoiding this issue. If you are not sure, contact a commercial freezer repair Fairfax service.

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