How To Choose Between Limestone And Sandstone Paving

When it comes to stone paving, limestone and sandstone are the two most popular types. Homeowners often remain confused between the two that leads to a draining decision-making process. It’s better to learn a few things before going to a patio contractor. Therefore, we are going to make it easy for you as we discuss both limestone and sandstone in detail below.


When it comes to rain and other extreme weather conditions, both limestone and sandstone tend to cover them well. This is an important factor to consider if you live in an area that is prone to a lot of rain. Additionally, both limestone and sandstone absorb minimum amounts of water.

However, one slight difference between the two is that the lighter sandstone shades tend to be more porous than darker colors. As these lighter variations take in a little more water, they might require extra cleaning or sealant application.

Therefore, in terms of durability both types score well. Plus, they are mostly covered with a 12-month warranty, so in the case of any problems, you are most likely covered.

Keeping It Stylish

Limestone usually comes in selected colors such as blue-grey, buff-grey, and blue-black. You can opt for other color combinations as well depending on the garden design. However, you will need to place an order for them.

On the other hand, sandstone also comes in a variety of different colors. Therefore, the difference only lies in the preference. While choosing the perfect stone, it is advisable that you check beforehand the appearance of the stones once they are wet. This is important as rain can alter the color of the stone paving.


Both sandstone and limestone are different when it comes to texture. Limestone tends to be flatter, smoother and features fewer ridges in the finish. Consequently, such a finish means that it is the ideal stone for driveways and other indoor purposes.

However, sandstone as compared to limestone is slightly more uneven featuring a ripple texture. With a sawn finish, sandstone tends to be a more contemporary option to limestone. This means when choosing between the two, it is important that you consider the paver design and purpose so that you do not end up replacing the stone as soon as you install it.


Then again, both limestone and sandstone score excellent in this category as both can be cut into different shapes and sizes to match the buyer’s needs and preferences. While sandstone makes for a fantastic garden path and patio for any property type, limestone on the other hand is suitable for a host of areas both internally and externally, including driveways, pathways, patio, etc.


Perhaps the most important factor that helps the homeowners make the final decision is the cost. Whether you are adding a few slabs or laying a new patio, one has to consider the cost and quality at the same time.

Fortunately, both types offer excellent durability and affordability. However, if you were to go into the details, sandstone would come out just slightly cheaper than limestone. Keep in mind that the cost varies for thickness, quality, and cut.


Maintenance is nearly the same for both stone types. You can purchase and use off-the-shelf chemicals that will help you remove stains and stubborn dirt and dust. In addition to that, you need to make sure that you remove any leaves, shrubs, moss, etc. as soon as you spot them to prolong the visual appeal and life of the stones.

The Winner: Sandstone

In the ever-lasting battle between limestone and sandstone, the latter comes out to be the winner. With a huge selection of finishes, colors, and textures, sandstone is a worthy winner. On the other hand, limestone should also be given due consideration due to its splendid durability. It is a perfect choice for those who live in rainy areas.

Final Word

Now that we have discussed both limestone and sandstone in detail, it comes down to your preferences. Limestone is perfect in terms of durability while sandstone offers more variety. Your decision should be based on the purpose as well as maintenance of the stones. After the decision, look for experienced masonry contractors Long Island for top-notch paving.

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