Dos And Don’ts Of Kitchen Island Design

If you want to add extra space and that element of edge to your kitchen, then an island is the perfect addition to your plain space. However, kitchen islands aren’t a cake walk and there are some key things you should remember when getting one during kitchen remodeling. Here is everything you need to know.

Do Design Carefully

You might think that a kitchen island is easy to design, but there are actually a lot of things that go into its making. How the edges are designed, the length and width of the island, and the overall functionality are things that can go unnoticed and they can make or break a kitchen island.

You definitely want to keep these things in mind when designing a kitchen island that’s going to be a perfect addition to the kitchen.

Don’t Forget About Electric Connections

If you want your kitchen island to be practical and useful, rather than a waste of space, then you want to ensure that you’re getting electrical sockets and connections installed in the island as well so that it can power and operate various appliances.

Most people use the kitchen island as a place where they can prop their appliances and use them daily, so you want to ensure that appliances work on the island. This is a very important thing that people tend to forget at times, but you definitely want to make this task a priority.

Do Think About The Size

A kitchen island is available in a lot of sizes and designs. What you want to do is go for a kitchen island size that’s not going to overpower the kitchen. You want to go for a decent-sized kitchen island, otherwise, everything will be thrown off by the humongous slab of stone in the middle and your kitchen will lack symmetry.

If you have a small kitchen but still want a kitchen island, then you need to take the dimensions of the available space first and then find something that will fit in the small space.

Don’t Overcrowd

The next most important thing to consider is the space. Do you even have enough room in your small kitchen for an island? Is it really a necessity? Is it going to overcrowd the space and limit movements in the kitchen?

These are very important questions you need to ask yourself before even getting a kitchen island because it’s not for everyone. The last thing you want is to overcrowd the kitchen and make things difficult. So, instead of wasting your time and money, think it through first.

Do Have A Budget In Mind

This is also a very important thing to remember. If you’re considering a kitchen island, then there are different prices and you need to look for one that fits your budget. But, how can you know if you don’t have one? Having a budget is very important because it gives you a limit on what you can spend on a certain item.

You can include the material cost, the installation fee, and other miscellaneous charges in your budget as well. This is going to make the selection much easier.

Do Include Seating

If you want to use your kitchen island as a makeshift breakfast bar, which is a great idea for small spaces where there’s no dining area, then you need to think about the seating as well. You can have a couple of chairs that you can easily sit on, and you can dive into a comforting meal.

You can also decorate the top of the island with hanging light fixtures and that’s going to Illuminate the space, as well as look aesthetically pleasing. This is one of the most common uses of a kitchen island and it’s a hit among people.

Don’t Neglect The Edges

Kitchen islands also have edge designs and it’s crucial that you’re choosing the right edge for your island. You want to go for edges that have borders around them because the kitchen island is centrally located in the kitchen and things can roll off pretty easily without anything stopping it.

So, the bordered edge is going to prevent things from falling down all the time. You also don’t want to go for too expensive edging options because, at the end of the day, you want the kitchen island to be practical. Discuss the types of edges your kitchen remodeling contractor suggests.

Do Include Storage

This is a fairly new idea, but kitchen islands with storage are all the rage right now. Storage is something everyone needs and loves and there’s no better way to sneak in some extra space, than having a kitchen island with discreet cabinets. You can have drawers and cabinets installed on the kitchen island; the more discreet they are, the better.

It’s a great way to attract buyers as well because this feature in kitchen islands is not something they see every day and no one can say no to extra storage. So, if you want to maximize storage in the kitchen, then consider this idea too.

Don’t Go For Width

A lot of people think that wide kitchen islands are great and while they do look spacious and luxurious, they’re not as practical. The width of the counter shouldn’t be too much, so you can’t work on the island properly. The width should be reasonable so that you’re able to reach the center of the island without too much effort.

Dimensions under 3 feet in width are enough for the width and these sizes can work beautifully in both smaller and larger kitchens. With the right material and finishing, you can make your kitchen island a show-stopping feature in the kitchen.

Do Your Research On Materials

Speaking of materials, you want to do your research on different varieties available for kitchen islands as well. The materials used for kitchen islands are pretty much the same as those used for countertops, but you can certainly mix and match and come up with material combinations for your kitchen.

Just make sure you choose a material that isn’t going to cost a fortune and is durable at the same time. Quartz, granite, and marble are some of the popular and durable options for a kitchen island that you can choose from.

Don’t Overlook Practicality

Lastly, you want to ensure that you’ll use the kitchen island to its full capacity. Whether you’re using it as an extra workstation for cooking, a breakfast bar, an entertaining area for the guests, a small makeshift dining area, etc., you need to be able to make it work. You don’t want it to be installed in the kitchen and not use it at all.

Most people also use a kitchen island as a workstation where they can put their laptop and have access to recipes or cooking videos, without damaging it with food splotches.


Whether it’s a remodeling project or you simply want to add an extension to the existing counter space, kitchen islands are a great option and now you know exactly what to include and avoid during the designing phase. Kitchen remodeling companies handle these projects very well so consider them for kitchen island installation and other kitchen renovations. streamline

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