10 Gazebo Ideas For Improving Your Outdoor Space

Gazebos look extremely beautiful and they have a rustic yet luxurious appeal to them. If you want to have a gazebo made in your backyard and want some ideas from gazebo and pergola contractor, then keep on reading.

Classic & Romantic Wood Gazebo

If you want to capture the essence of the gazebos you see in movies, then a classic wood gazebo will be the best option to go for. There is something sweet and romantic about a wood gazebo. If you opt for dark wood, then it will look even more gorgeous and the gazebo will stand out more in your backyard.

You can add a bit of flair to the classic gazebo style, by incorporating flowers and plants here and there, to give it that luxurious touch. This design will definitely not disappoint and it will catch everyone’s eye.

Modern Gazebo

If you want to add a modern and minimal touch to a traditional gazebo, then you can most certainly go for this design. This gazebo is minimal and modern and, most importantly, it is not round, like a normal gazebo would be. It can be square or rectangular. The shape, alone, can add a huge element of difference to your gazebo design.

You can also add other touches to your gazebo to make it even more modern. For example, you can make the gazebo from entirely different materials, which may have the look and feel of wood, but it can be stronger and more durable to withstand the weather conditions outside.

Gazebo By The Pool

Another very interesting design for a gazebo would be to have it as an attachment by the poolside. If you have a swimming pool, then adding a gazebo right next to it would be great. This will give you a nice shaded area right by the pool, where you can dry yourself off and even lounge for a bit.

The design is completely up to you, but it’s better to go for a modern gazebo if you want it by the pool, because it will look a lot better and it will complement the pool area as well as the rest of the outdoors.

Encased Gazebo

Usually, a gazebo doesn’t have any windows and it is mostly bare, besides the railing that goes all over the perimeter of the structure. If you want to go for a more closed-style gazebo, then you can have windows installed in it as well. It can have the same wood trim, but the only addition will be glass panes of windows.

This will make the gazebo a wonderful place for shelter from the rain and the encased look gives it a very whimsical appearance. If you want, you can go for a different colored wood, like a white or light-colored trim, which will look even more beautiful.

A Green Gazebo Wonderland

Who says a gazebo has to be bare? You can turn a plain gazebo into green woodland in no time. This design idea is great for people who already have a gazebo, but don’t like the way it looks or they want to add that extra bit of something to it. This is where the plants and greenery come in.

You can add accents of flowers and green shrubbery all over the gazebo ceiling as well as the perimeter of the structure. This will give the gazebo a very beautiful appearance and it will look like something out of a fairytale, with all of the greenery surrounding it. It’s a great and inexpensive way to revamp your existing gazebo.

A Cozy Gazebo

Besides classic and minimal designs, you can also go for something comforting and cozy. A gazebo can most certainly be your lounging area too. All you need to do is add some fun things to make it look welcoming and comfortable. The design of the gazebo can be traditional, but you can add drapes, couches, and even swings inside to give it that characteristic lounging appeal.

You can also have fairy lights dangling from the ceiling to make it look picturesque and extremely beautiful. These small additions will make your gazebo look wonderful and you will want to spend all of your time there.

Gazebo In The Patio

This is a very common design, but there is just something about the way a gazebo looks with a patio or deck, that makes people gravitate towards this design. This design idea is perfect for people who want a gazebo somewhere in their house, but don’t have the backyard space to do so.

In this case, you can just turn your patio into a makeshift gazebo and that will look equally as good. The patio or deck already has a ceiling, so all you need to do is have some railing installed and decorate it however you want. In no time, you will have a patio-like gazebo, without having to worry about the extra space. Consult deck contractors Port Jefferson for more similar ideas.

Resort Style Gazebo

If you want to bring a resort to your backyard, then try this design idea. It is similar to a gazebo by the pool, but slightly elevated and better. In this gazebo design, the placement will be by the pool, but the difference here will be that the gazebo will have lounging chairs, a table for snacks and drinks, and other things that might be reminiscent of a resort poolside.

You can even have the gazebo attached directly to the pool so that you can step into the pool effortlessly and jump back up on the gazebo. This idea is a beautiful yet modern design that will turn heads for sure.

A Rustic Gazebo

If you want a very simple yet elegant design for a gazebo, then this one’s for you. This gazebo design is extremely simple and it gives off a very minimal vibe. There is no thick trim or intricate detail in this design. It is simple woodwork with a thin railing, made out of planks of wood.

There are simple benches inside the gazebo and the overall design is very unique and distinct. It is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to add a lot of details to the gazebo but still wants something special in their backyard. This design is relatively less expensive to build and it takes less time to complete too.

Complete Glass Gazebo

If you want full visibility from your gazebo, then try a glass and wood design. The glass and wood combination is super modern and it looks very chic as well. The center of attention is the glass here, which is bordered with thick or medium trims of wood, which makes it look rustic yet futuristic, in the best way.

This gazebo design is perfect if you’re wanting to build a bigger gazebo, where people can sit and even have lunches with a fantastic 360-degree view. If you have the space, then go for this design.


These gazebo ideas are unique and they will definitely be the center of attention of your patio or backyard. Put on your creativity caps and hit the drawing board. Make sure to hire a gazebo builder Port Jefferson Station who can bring your ideas to life.

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