8 Stunning Blonde Balayage Ideas

Balayage comes with a couple of variations but blonde-balayage is considered second to none. Therefore, there is a huge scope of blonde-balayage in every nook of the world where fashion is followed and girls love to get it done from their favorite balayage salons.

Here’s a couple of variants for blonde-balayage.

Ombre Balayage Blonde

Ombre balayage blonde is quite a unique look which you can easily don to look class apart. No matter what the color of your hair originally is, the stylist would start painting your hair from the mid-length and leave it to the end. Your middle-to-bottom locks would be colored in blonde regardless of what your upper locks look like.

Sunkissed Balayage Blonde

This balayage highlights look is meant to be the most popular one, so to say. Your roots would be colored in chestnut brown but the color would start changing as soon as you reach the middle-length of your hair; from mid-length and onwards your hair will turn yellowish blonde. Your locks will be a bit shimmery and glossy and you would hence be ready to outdo anyone else’s look.

Choppy Balayage Blonde

You don’t have to have long hair to look good; it tends to look great even when it is short. If you are interested in giving yourself an offbeat look, go with choppy balayage blonde – it will make your hair look apart from everyone else’s. Be a choppy blonde bob and let everyone notice your gorgeous hair. Most stylists make sure that your hair gets wavy instead of straight or curly because that is what makes it an inch-perfect choppy balayage look.

Cool-Toned Balayage Blonde

A cool-toned balayage is something you should totally opt for in case you are bored of warm tones. Let’s say, if you are looking for your new summer look, this new hair color can help you get one. Rip the haters apart by embodying this extremely unique type of balayage blonde. People barely have the guts to flaunt a white blonde color, but you can totally be one in a million to go for something as rare as this. You go girl!

Subtle Balayage Blonde

Subtle balayage blonde is one of the most cool tones that you can lean towards without giving it a second thought. It’s not unique in its very nature, it gives your hair quite a subtle texture. A lot of Hollywood celebs have been spotted flaunting this shade of balayage blonde; Betty Cooper is one of those biggies of hollywood. Here’s your chance to sport a Hollywood look and show it off to your friends and especially green-eyed friends.

Dark Balayage Blonde

Most people have been living under a wrong impression that in order to get a balayage-blonde, your hair’s original color must not be too dark. It’s not true and you should not believe it. You can totally pull off a combination of dark and blonde, without a shadow of doubt. Whether your hair is black or brown, you can get blonde highlights. The duo of black and metallic balayage looks fabulous and you can surely give it a try if your heart agrees.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Now, this one is found really less among people but it’s totally worth giving a try. This is such an attractive and appealing color tone and people with a tremendously unique taste are embodying it these days. You would not see every other girl in town donning this particular blonde-balayage tone. If you think, you can set yourself apart from the crowds if you go for this more than amazing hair color. A lot of strangers would turn their gazes toward you and haters might need a timeout. God knows why it is called strawberry blonde balayage while it basically gives an orangey look to your hair. It is a brownish-orange look not an orange-orange look, to be precise.

Ashy Balayage Blonde

If you do not want a fancy look, and instead of that you are happy sporting a rough look, you should perhaps go to a hair highlights salon with this color tone in mind. Especially if you have black hair, this one will be totally apt for you. Ash blonde balayage can fill the bill for people with black hair. It basically gives your hair an ash-like touch.

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