6 Modern Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Kitchen countertop designs are always changing as you can even get faux granite countertops now. There is something new which catches the eye. So, here are some modern kitchen countertop ideas that will get people turning their heads back.

Contrasting Colors

This is a trend that has been around for some time now. It might look like it will be out of style in a couple of years, but by selecting the right colors and making excellent contrast choices can make the kitchen look timeless and beautiful. You can contrast the color of your countertops with your kitchen cabinets, the rest of the kitchen interior, the fixtures, etc. There is no right or wrong way with contrasting colors.

All you need to remember is to select colors which are timeless, muted and neutral. In this way, these colors will go with anything and everything and will also not clash too much. Bold colors have a tendency to look overpowering and you don’t want that vibe in the kitchen, so muted and toned down colors are your best bet, when it comes to contrasting colors in the kitchen.

Patterned Kitchen Countertops

Patterned countertops are also an amazing choice. They have beautiful patterns on the surface and these patterns make the kitchen countertop look regal and chic. The patterns can be smooth or they can be textured, but the only problem with textured patterns is that it needs to be cleaned more meticulously and you need to get in there with your cleaning tools to really get the dirt and gunk out of the crevices. Other than that, patterned countertops tend to add a touch of minimalism to your kitchen.

Wood Countertops

Wooden countertops add a rustic appeal to your house. It makes the kitchen look more rough and tough and it also gives off a cozy vibe in the entire space. The thick wooden slabs, when integrated into a countertop, makes the kitchen look interesting in a unique way. It almost looks like a butcher’s block, if that is what you’re going for.

The only downside to wooden countertops is that it needs to be sealed beforehand to make it waterproof, otherwise it will get damaged quickly and you will need to replace it sooner.

Thick Slab Countertops

There is something so unique about thick slab countertops. The appearance of the thick and strong slabs contrasting with a thin and dark colored overlay of a countertop makes the whole look just pleasing to the eye. The downside to thick slab countertops is that it is extremely expensive, because price ranges vary a lot if you go for thicker slabs. It also means that the slabs will be extremely heavy and you need a professional installation team to install these slabs in your kitchen. But, it is well worth it.

Metal Kitchen Countertops

Metal countertops are also an amazing choice if you are looking for something minimal and modern. Stainless steel is very easy to use and clean and these countertops are also quite heat resistant. The only downside to stainless steel is that it leaves a lot of hand imprints on the surface so it needs to be cleaned every so often. Other than that, stainless steel is a good material which is durable, lasts long and you don’t need to maintain it too much either. Just install it and forget about it for years to come.

Copper Countertops

Copper is a very rustic but elegant material. It looks extremely beautiful against a contrasting color. It is easy to clean and the characteristic color of copper is very alluring to look at. On the flip side, copper is a very delicate material and it bends very easily. It is not good with heat, as it is a conductor of heat and it can become damaged if you put extremely hot pots and pans right on the surface of the copper. So, you have to keep these properties in mind, before you commit to copper countertops for your kitchen.

There you have it! These countertop designs and ideas are modern, but some of them also hold a classic appeal to them. You are sure to fall in love with these ideas. When you have selected a material and design, hire a granite countertop installer Durham NC for proper installation.

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