6 Party Supplies That Most People Forget

Who doesn’t love parties? A party is a fun way to gather with the people you love and have a good time. While party tent rentals provide all the supplies you ask for, here are some party supplies many people forget.

Balloons And Décor

A party can never be complete without the perfect décor and what screams party décor more than balloons? Balloons can add a lot of quirkiness to your theme and they are very easy to double up as décor. You can get just about any color, shape, pattern, and size of balloons and go to town with them.

Along with balloons, some other necessary decorations would be confetti, fairy lights, and party poppers. Confetti is like glitter and although it can be messy, no one minds a bit of glittery fun at a party. These things are simple to arrange, but they can really put the theme together and make your party look epic.

Party Utensils

Food is important for a party, but what about the food supplies? Plates, cups, utensils, and napkins are a must-have at any party. If you don’t want to worry about a load of dishes after a party, then the best way to arrange the utensils for a party is to go for disposable ones.

They are meant for one-time use and people can use them and throw it away after they’re done. Nothing sounded easier than this and the best thing is that these things are available just about anywhere, so you don’t have to go and scout for these items.

Guest Table Notes

If you’re having a more elaborate party and want the guests to know where they will be sitting, then name cards are as important as chair covers. They are very easy to find, but what’s even better is that you can make them yourself as well. All you need is some card stock paper and some fun-colored pens. You can cut the card stock paper to any size you want but the size of a normal business card is fine.

Once it has been cut out, you can write the name of each guest who will be sitting at each table and call it a day. You can also decorate the card with glitter and stickers, but that’s completely optional.

Fancy Tier Platters

If you have small finger foods at your party and you want the display to look very beautiful, then you can get tier plates and stack the treats on them. Stacked plates look very elegant and they add a beautiful look to your food table. It looks sophisticated and everyone can help themselves to whatever they want to eat.

You can also put small cakes, sandwiches, or fried foods on this platter and it will completely transform the presentation of the food.


Ribbons are one of those things which can not only be used as décor, but they can also double up as table décor. You can use ribbons to tie the utensils or even decorate the name cards with them. There are many types of ribbons available, and you can go crazy with the color, designs, and patterns.

Ribbons can also be used to tie balloons and this will add an extra touch to your plain balloons and make them look more sophisticated, beautiful, and not to mention, party-appropriate.

Sticky Notes

No matter what, don’t forget sticky notes. They are not only great reminders for things that need to be done, but they can also double up as cards for things. For example, if you want to label the foods for the guests, then you can use sticky notes and stick them at the top of the dish to let people know what is what.

It’s an amazing thing to have around the house when you’re throwing a party, because as good as these things are for party planning and list making, they are just as great for helping you out with other things.


There you have it! It’s safe to say that a party will not be complete without these little things and are available with party rentals Clarksburg. However, some supplies are disposable and you will need to buy them. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!

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