4 Major Things To Check When Choosing An Architect For Home Addition

Home additions allow homeowners to come up with some extra space in their house. Different architects have different working methods, which makes it important for you to be aware of certain things before selecting one for your home addition design. Therefore, we are going to share some important points that will help you go through the home addition process smoothly.

Registered Architect

The first thing you need to keep in mind while hiring an architect is whether he/she is registered. The term “architect” is protected by law, which means that only qualified individuals can use the term and need to pass certain qualifications.

At the same time, companies can use ‘architecture’ in their names and can also call their staff ‘architectural designers’ without being registered as architects. Your potential architect should be registered with the Architects Registration Board or with any relevant local board.

The biggest advantage of hiring a registered architect is that they possess enough knowledge and skills to get the job done exactly the way you want with a success rate of 100%. The architects also need to keep in view the safety and health concerns, which they are forced to implement considering the local building codes.

Services On Offer

Architects are equipped with several different sets of skills. Depending on the requirements of the client, they may offer the most basic services or handle the details. The reason is that some home additions are quite simple and easy, whereas in other cases, the homeowners require extrinsic details.

In addition to that, some homeowners may also ask the architect to communicate with the contractors on their behalf. This ensures that your home addition is of excellent quality. Of course, the charges will be high but at least you shall have mental peace knowing that someone experienced is looking after the project.

Furthermore, you can also pay the architect to overlook the costs, carry out regular inspections, and monitor any additional work required. This provides the homeowners a huge relief if they follow a very busy schedule throughout the week.

Project Portfolio

Home additions are slightly tricky. Since you are working to create some space in the existing structure of the house, you need to be careful with the planning. In the past, several homeowners have complained that the architects were not able to create what they had planned.

This not only wastes time and money but also makes it difficult to derive any benefit from the home addition. This is why it is important that you request the architect to show you their project portfolio. Regardless of the architect being experienced, you should not take your chances.

Home addition projects might be easy but require a lot of details. Therefore, if an architect is 100% confident but does not have anything to show for it, you should look at other options. However, if there is a portfolio to go through, it will give you a much better idea as to whether your architect can get the job done or not.

Charging Fees

Architects charge depending on the complexity of the project. Some will charge you a fixed price, some lump sums at regular intervals while others will charge an hourly or daily rate. With that said, it is necessary that you are crystal clear with the architect about the fee as it prevents miscommunication down the road especially when the costs increase a bit.

On the other hand, it will help you keep track of your budget as well. Most homeowners tend to agree verbally, which turns into huge problems down the road. You need to put everything on paper so that in case legal trouble arises, you can defend yourself using that piece of paper.

Plus, even if you are paying more for the architect to look after your costs, you should keep an eye on it as well. The last thing you would want is the costs crossing your budget and your savings being halved.

Final Word

Choosing the perfect architect takes time and patience. Make sure that you consider the tips mentioned above and interview several architects builders DC before choosing one. Rushing the process will only lead to flaws and shortcomings that will be difficult to fix in the future.

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