What You Need to Know about Wood Stove Insert

A wood stove insert is basically a shell installed into a fireplace that can transform even the most ordinary hearths into a visually attractive and economical source of heat with very little upfront cost. In general, these wooden inserts can fit easily into regular fireplaces and provide several benefits which make them a worthwhile investment for homeowners. You can find several styles and colors to choose from for these insert from different stove and fireplace manufacturers.

Stop Heat from Escaping

The primary reason why these inserts work really well is that these can offer insulation that prevents heat from escaping through the masonry or brick. This means that you can have more heat output exactly where you need it. These can be installed very quickly into almost all types of fireplaces which make them a universal way of making fireplaces even more economical. Many of these inserts are also made with glass doors to let you seal your fireplace to prevent heat from escaping if you are not using the fireplace.

Cleaning Made Easy

Black is the most common color of these inserts but aside from aesthetics, part of the reason for this is because of cleaning purposes. Even though it is much easier to clean these inserts compared to a regular fireplace, the black model can effectively hide ash and smoke residue much easier. Having the insert as a shell between the fireplace and brick lessens the surface area, which also eliminates the need for you to clean between nooks and crannies.

Better Heat Dispersal

Another amazing benefit of these inserts is that most of them come with air blowers that offer better heat dispersing capacities. Even though the quality steel and iron materials that many stove inserts are made of facilitate excellent heat dispersal and containment, having a blower which helps with air circulation is a very economical and handy feature. There are also blowers that can be monitored using thermostats which make it easier to enjoy constant heat stream in your home.

Types of Stove Inserts

Stove inserts are available in two primary types, one which fits snug in the fireplace and the second sitting upright and extending from the hearth. Even though these stove inserts are merely miniature wood burning stoves, these are more affordable compared to traditional stoves. But, due to their appearance, it is possible that the fancy and large stove inserts are pricier compared to a bigger stove. For homeowners who want a fancy model to enhance the look and design of their house, it is still a pretty much viable option.

While it is wonderful to have a traditional wood fireplace, maintaining it can also be a regular hassle. The inserts can make the whole maintenance thing more bearable if not completely eliminate it.

It is definitely a fun experience to huddle around the fireplace during cold nights so make sure you look for a chimney company near me to enjoy it to the fullest.

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