Tennis Elbow Surgery: Can It Really Help You?

When you do really need a tennis elbow surgery, anyway? Do you experience an unbearable pain your elbow when you try to move or touch it? There is a high chance that you are suffering from a condition known as tennis elbow which often develops as a result of small tears occurring in the muscle coverings and tendon.

What you need to know about elbow surgery

This condition is common among tennis players although even those who don’t play this sports can also get it. Even though this condition can be cured through medication, proper exercise and the use of elbow braces which strengthen and support the elbow, the surgery of tennis elbow sometimes remains as the last resort if you are suffering from stubborn tennis elbow.

In many cases, your body can heal by itself and the only thing you have to do is rest your elbows through getting rid or avoiding aggravating activities from your daily routine for some time to allow natural healing of the body. But, for severe cases of tennis elbow, pain can persist for several months which necessitate quick remedial action. Surgery of the tennis elbow is recommended for quick relief from the agonizing discomfort and pain.

A few of the most common options for treating tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis include release tendon from the bone, trim abnormal tendons to 3 to 4 cm and ossatripsy.

Tennis elbow

Since surgery of the tennis elbow is often a treatment option of last resort, the doctors make use of some other treatment choices before they recommend surgery. OTC or over the counter medications as well as icing the affected area are just some of the basic measures used for combating elbow pain. Because of the inherent risks that are associated with invasive surgery, the doctors suggest surgery only if the patient has pain level, which disrupts her or his routine life. As such, the surgery isn’t considered until the patient has undergone a conservative treatment for a particular period of six months. Cortisone shots are administered as well to eliminate elbow pain. If the pain doesn’t subside in spite of all such efforts, surgery is considered.

Kinds of Tennis Elbow Surgery

If all criteria for tennis elbow surgery are met, the doctors might consider one of the 2 kinds of invasive lateral epicondylitis surgery for treating tennis elbow. During the surgery, tendon sheaths will be trimmed and the incision will be closed thereafter. The second kind of invasive surgery is done by cutting open the arm and release the tendon from the bone through a scalpel.

Recovery Period

The term recovery differs from one patient to another even if majority of the patients can resume normal life in about 3-6 weeks. However, you should take note that the tendons take some time to heal even if you might not feel pain. Using your elbow to strong forces may delay the process of healing and can even result in permanent damage. Activities that could trigger the problem must therefore be avoided for at least twelve weeks.

To get the best results from your tennis elbow treatment, doctors may suggest you to perform simple exercise at work or at home.

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