How To Care For Antique Rugs

Handmade antique rugs are considered the best types of rugs to add depth, color, and style to your space. To keep your area oriental rugs looking attractive, you must clean and care for it as they are sourced internationally and are costly. Therefore, incorporate the correct antique rugs care tips to keep them looking new and beautiful.

Except for Spot Cleaning, Never Use Water For Cleaning

Antique rugs made of wool, silk, or any other material, don’t like moisture. Water is preferred for cleaning anything and it’s somewhat true for antique rugs as well, but it should not be done by anyone who is not an expert at it. So, if you just got a vintage rug, use water for spot cleaning only for removing stains.

Clean Stains Immediately

As the use of water on vintage rugs must be the least amount, any stains must be cleaned on the spot. Luckily, the upper layer of wool vintage rugs has a natural oil that repels stains. But this defense isn’t for long, so in the event of a spill, you should act quickly.

If it’s a non-oily spill like orange juice, absorb the wetness with a paper towel and then take a watery cloth to clean the area. The amount of water used must be modest. You may be tempted to scrub, but only keep the cleaning cloth or paper towel on it and never scrub.

The same goes for an oily spill, but this time, use a thicker paper towel and use the water a bit more. Again, don’t scrub because it can damage the fibers.

Consider Professional Washing

When you think that your antique Persian rug is dirty and must be deep cleaned, you should consult professional cleaning services instead of DIYing it. Because a vintage rug demands you to use water on it carefully and so leave this crucial cleaning technique to experts who clean handmade area rugs on a daily basis.

To know it’s time for professional cleaning, beat a corner of the rug. If you see a huge amount of dust in the air, the rugs need to be deep cleaned.

Use Vacuum Carefully

For day-to-day cleaning, vacuuming is the easiest and quickest method of cleaning area rugs. But on vintage rugs and similar wool rugs, if you’re not careful while vacuuming, you might risk damaging the rug.

In most cases, the risk of over-vacuuming the rug is more than not vacuuming enough. Vacuum cleaning a vintage rug twice a month is enough. Some homeowners make the mistake to use high vacuum settings which damage the fibers of the rug.

Ensure to use the slow settings of the vacuum with the suction attachment and never use a rotary vacuum. Because the rotary vacuum sort of pulls the rug fibers resulting in increased shedding and reduced life of the rug.

Furthermore, once a month or once every two months, flip over the rug and vacuum the back side of the rug as well. Plus, rotate your rug once every few months so the wear equals out otherwise the rug will be worn out from only the end that’s used more often.

Don’t Steam Clean Or Dry Clean The Rug

Steam cleaning uses heat and it directly damages the fibers of the rug. Similarly, different chemicals and solvents are employed in dry cleaning that can dry out the natural oil of the wool area rugs making them more prone to damage.

Use A Rug Pad

With usage, rugs are pulled around which causes shedding, wear, and holes. To increase the lifespan of your vintage rug, use a rug pad under the rug. It will keep the rug firmly in place and prevent excessive pulling.

Don’t Use Them Outdoors Or In Damp Areas Of The House

Most vintage rugs are made of wool which is a durable material but moisture is its enemy. To keep your rugs fine for years, avoid placing them in damp areas of the house and outdoors. If you need an outdoor rug, get a synthetic or hemp rug.


Antique rugs require care but they aren’t too demanding as long as you follow the best practices and clean stains immediately. Plus, make sure to buy antique rugs VA from recognized stores so they last longer.

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